Friday, April 24, 2009

I love saving money.

I really, truly do.

I love that I walked into Walmart this morning and bought the following:

1 six-pack of Orville Reddenbacher's 94% Fat Free Popcorn (the full-sized bags, not minis)
1 two-pack of Weight Watchers ice cream cups
1 bag of Tyson grilled chicken strips
2 bottles of Rimmel nail polish

And paid $6.32 out of my pocket.

How did I do it? Well, our Walmart just renovated, and they're putting stuff on clearance like CRAZY. Yesterday, I bought four pints of Ben and Jerry's for $1 each! Two boxes of Mollicools (little beads of ice cream) four-packs for $1 each! Two 2-packs of Weight Watchers ice cream for $1 each!

I stocked up on ice cream, and bought another box of that popcorn, and bought an All You magazine, and spent about $12.

And, in that magazine, there were coupons - $1 off the popcorn (so it was free!), BOGO free nail polish ($3.16 for both bottles), $0.55 off the chicken strips (the most expensive thing I bought, but worth it for the convenience) and $0.55 off the WW ice cream (making the 2-pack cost just $0.45, instead of the $2.54 it would have been normally.)

In the past couple of weeks, I've gotten Nestle Fat Free Hot Cocoa (25 calories, and normally $2.44 a box) for $1, and that popcorn - I've been stocking up, because the dates will be good for many months and I know it's stuff we'll use. I've got two stashes - one at work and one at home. I'm covered!

It should be criminal how good I felt walking into that store this morning, knowing what good deals I was getting. When all this clearance is gone, I don't know what I'm going to do!


Rachel said...

You go super saver mama!

wendy said...

W.O.W. That is AMAZING.

You GO girl! You are an excellent money manager!!!

Lissete said...

I LOVE days like that! I also love showin off my receipt to my husband to prove that I save him tons of $$$$$!