Monday, March 31, 2008

Can I brag on my husband for once?

(No, I'm not bragging on Anna Marie this time. Mostly because she's still getting in trouble at school and I don't feel much like bragging right this minute.)

Yesterday after church, we went down to Zaxby's for lunch. Jason had a coupon for a free meal, so we figured that was the place to be.

Now, Zaxby's used to be one of our favorite places to eat. Then, when we moved from SC, we were Zaxby's-less for several years (except for those trips to his mom's house). And then, a couple of years ago, wonder of wonders - they built one a mere 30 minutes from us!

And all was right with the world.

Back to yesterday. I ordered a grilled chicken sandwich combo, with plans to take the chicken off the bread. I also asked that celery and carrots be subbed for my fries.

Because, you know, most reasonable fast food joints are trying to repair their unhealthy image and allow such substitutions.

Well, the guy taking the order seemed fine with it. We paid and sat down to wait for our order, only to have Mr. Cashier Guy come find us a few minutes later and say his manager said I couldn't substitute the veggies. I'd have to order a side of them.


So, I asked how much that would be. I thought that surely they'd just upcharge me 50 cents or so, like when I order a salad or a baked potato at Backyard Burger.

Um, no. I'd have to pay nearly $4 for the sandwich, plus another $2 for the celery, plus the $1.50 or so for the drink.

The combo I'd ordered wasn't but $4.99 to begin with! I'd have been paying an extra $2.50 for them to leave the fries off my plate and plunk some celery sticks down in their place.

By this point, I was pretty miffed. Not at Mr. Cashier Guy, because it obviously wasn't his fault. No, I was mad at The Man - you know, the one keeping me down and my weight up.

"Just bring me the fries," I snapped. "I just won't eat them."

So he did, very apologetically, and I didn't. Threw the whole order away. I wouldn't even let Anna Marie or Jason have any. I did end up eating part of the (badly burned) bun, however.

How hard is it to please me? Hmm? Not very! Celery, people! All I wanted was some celery!

Well, Jason was incensed. And if you know him, you know that's a rarity.

He got up and found the name and phone number of the franchisee for me. He's expecting me to call and lodge a complaint!

(I'd rather send an email, but that doesn't seem to be an option on their website.)

After lunch, we went to the auction so he could do inventory. I was feeling just awful about the whole thing. He was venting the entire time: "Those celery sticks don't cost them any more than the french fries. I work in food service. Don't try to pull that junk on me!"

I guess he was worried about my lackluster lunch (because obviously, if I miss a meal I'm putting myself in danger of starving to death) because once we got there, he started pulling out leftover vegetables.

He made me make a salad! With fat free raspberry vinaigrette and everything!

This whole experience may not sound like much, but really, he normally doesn't get involved in my petty issues. I think this was partly a matter of principle, because like I said - it takes them just as much energy to put celery on my plate as it does fries!

I got to checking around today, and found a message board where people were complaining about the company's lack of substitutions. But you know what? It has to start somewhere! Wendy's didn't just wake up one day and decide to let me get a side salad or a bowl of chili with my combo - I bet someone asked!

So, here I am. With the help of my newly enlightened (although still chicken-strip-and-fry-eating) husband, I'm on a quest! A quest to get restaurants to get off their collective lazy behinds and give us healthier choices!

Watch out world - here come the Turners!

ETA: He just keeps impressing me. We're scheduled to upgrade our cell phones next week, and we've been researching new phones for months. We both settled on a Blackjack II - well, it took me some convincing, but now I'm practically salivating over them. Things have been a bit tight lately - we had to buy that new laptop when his went kaput, and the tags on both vehicles expired in March, and he had a blowout last week and had to buy a new tire for the Jeep, and several other things have come at once. I had told him that, if the finances didn't allow for both of us to get the Blackjacks, that I'd just get whatever phone was free so he could still get one. Guess what - my husband, who, despite his general fiscal responsibility, isn't that great of a saver - he's already got the money for our phones socked away in an unused checking account! So I don't have to worry about my Blackjack (except maybe that they won't have the red one I'm really wanting!) And, he's already figured out how to lower our minutes package (because with nearly everyone we call being on ATT, we for real don't use anywhere near that many) so we can afford the PDA plan! I just knew there was a reason I turned the finances over to him while I was pregnant with Anna Marie!

Sunday, March 30, 2008

I'm a travelin' (woman)

Now, you can go throughout your day with that old Ricky Nelson song in your head! and you can wonder just how many stops he made all over the world! Yay!


If I'd written this post last night, which I didn't, but if I had, it would've been titled "I'm what you call dog tired."

(Come on. I'm not the only one who thinks up blog posts while I'm in the middle of other activities!)

After getting absolutely no sleep Thursday night, I was more than ready for my 8 p.m.. bedtime on Friday. Because I had to get up at 4:30 a.m. for a little road trip.

Some of you may remember that I've been involved for several years with the Girls Ministries of our church. I was the conference coordinator for a few years, but didn't take that job back after my term was up.

(Someone else was given that job, and I was a board member, but a few months ago that other person left the church and went to another denomination, so she couldn't serve on the board anymore.)

And although I no longer attend a church in that denomination either, I'm certified to teach the training seminar for local church leaders (teachers and local coordinators) so I went to Kentucky yesterday.

Kentucky! I know - it sounds so far away and bluegrass-like. But I promise, no mandolins or banjos started playing as soon as we crossed the border. I was rather disappointed.

I only had to drive about two hours to the home of our Conference Bishop, which was fine by me. One other trainer who lived close by them was going, so we met up there and the Bishop and his wife (another trainer) drove us.

He said he was coming to make sure his laptop and the LCD projector jived up with each other, but it turned out later that it was a REALLY good thing he'd come. More on that in a bit.

We had a good training. The ladies were attentive and asked a lot of questions, and we had a pretty free discussion about some of the topics.

And then, of course, came lunch - barbecue! And I realized that I hadn't eaten in 7 hours (because I successfully resisted the donuts that were presented) and had to really pace myself.

And they had Coke Zero to drink! No one ever brings Coke Zero! These are my kind of folks, I can tell right now.

Anyway - the new conference GM coordinator, Laura, was there. I haven't seen here since she had her twins - TWINS - a few months ago. She has two girls already, ages 7 and 6, and gave birth to twins girls in December after thinking she couldn't have any more children.

Good thing Laura was there too. I guess it's time to explain.

As we were leaving (and we somehow finished two hours early - well, I think it was Divine intervention) we were all loading up our gear. Each of us grabbed a couple of bags and headed down from our upstairs classroom. Except, the Bishop's wife grabbed ENTIRELY too much stuff - a rolling carry-on bag full of stuff, a bag with the projector, an extension cord, and her purse) and fell down the steps!

She'd already been having trouble with her shoulders and arms, and guess what she hurt - yep, the same.

Her husband had just gotten back from having their car serviced when it happened, and he and another man who was at the church helped her to a seat. We sat with her for a god 20 minutes while she decided if she wanted to go to the doctor.

Poor thing - she was crying, and I thought she was going to pass out from pain at one point.

Finally she agreed to go to the doctor in that town, and Laura (who just had to buy a used Expedition to accommodate her growing family) took us back to the Bishop's house so I could get my car.

It was so good to talk to another mom who has kids around the same age as mine, and compare notes! I think if she didn't live so far away, we'd be great friends.

She needs a blog I guess - but with four kids and her husband being a pastor, I doubt she'd have time to post!

As we got closer to the town where we were headed, I asked Laura how far out of her way she was going to take us back. I loved her answer: "I refuse to answer that on the grounds I may incriminate myself!"

I started feeling really, really bad about the extra gas. We had been given $25 gas cards by the Bishop, which we weren't really expecting, so that helped. And I was really grateful, because our money has been a little tight and this wasn't the best week for me to have to make such a trip. I considered giving Laura my card too, since she had such a gas guzzler, but then she said she'd gotten a $30 check from her OBGYN this week where she'd overpaid when she was having the twins.

I felt absolved!

It was about 4:30 when I got back to the main city where I'd be hopping on the interstate. I wasn't starving, but I knew that I would be before I got finished driving another two hours back home. I also couldn't think of a single healthy thing I could eat on the road, since I'd already used some of my 35 points on the baked beans and didn't want to use any more.

So, I stopped at Walmart for a banana, a box of Kashi bars (3 points, yes, but not as many as something from the drive through) and a bottle of water. After a banana and a bar, I wasn't hungry again until about 8:30 and by that time I was home. I made some couscous mixed with a frozen vegetable mix - broccoli, carrots, chickpeas, and kidney beans. Yum!

I really enjoyed the drive. I love driving long distances by myself! I did it all the time - 500 miles one way - in college. And this time, I had my iPod to keep me company! The only downside was some intermittent rain, which made me have to constantly adjust my wipers.

And gracious, if I didn't sleep through the mattress last night! I woke up at 7:00 a.m., and feel much, much better.

Now it's time to get ready for church, and then while were up there we're going to the auction so Jason can do inventory. Not my favorite way to spend a Sunday afternoon, but they do have a flat screen TV in the cafeteria hooked to a DirecTV, so maybe Anna Marie and I can watch that while he works.

Have a great Sunday!

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Official Thursday Weigh-In

I'm not believing it.

I lost a pound this week, despite my "friend" showing up.

How'd that happen? I mean, really. That's counterintuitive.

So, my weight is 152.5 this week.

And about that debate, set for tonight - I got a call (actually two calls, one from the college where the debate was going to be and one from a candidate's campaign manager) that the event had been canceled. The father of one of the two candidates had a massive stroke this morning, and is in critical condition.

A little disappointing, but totally understandable that he'd be at the hospital with his dad and not down here trading verbal jabs with his opponent.

Oh, and one more thing - I've started using Twitter now. I know - next I'll be getting a MySpace page!

Anyway, I can thank Linda for my latest addiction. Come on over and find us - so far, I just have Linda and Heather to stalk!

(I'm listed as Melz98. Just plain "melz" was already taken. Hmph.)

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Dear other moms of kids at my kid's school:

Hi there! You don't see me too often in the afternoons, but I was there today (cute brunette in the green Grand Prix, rockin' tunes coming from my iPod, playing Solitaire on same), a little earlier that I usually am because my boss didn't come to meet with us today.

And, as I sat there, way further up in the line than usual, I noticed a trend.

I noticed that, unlike the rest of us who come and sit in line for our Precious Little Ones to be released to us, some of you like to circumvent The System.

You know who you are. The ones who park your car, get out and walk up to the school building, and then, with your Precious Little Ones, try to get the rest of us in The System to let you back in so you can leave.

No dice.

You may not like The System, but it's a little like the IRS - you deal with it. You work within it.

You do not try to circumvent The System.

So, yes, your Precious Little Ones are more-precious than anyone else's. And yes, the converging and diverging traffic lanes of The System are somewhat tedious.

But, suck it up. Get in line. Wait to pull up to the gaggle of children and have one of the teachers open your door so your Precious Little One can enter the hallowed halls of your vehicle and be returned to your extra-special care once more.

You'll be teaching them a valuable lesson called Don't Rock The Boat.


Anna Marie's mom.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Apparently they have me confused with someone who knows a thing or three.

Oh, it won't be long until they find out the ugly truth.

To what do I refer?

Why, the invitation I received via email this morning to be a "questioner" at a debate later this week!

Me! Asking questions! Of two guys in a runoff for a U.S. Senate seat nomination!

What on earth are they thinking?

All day long, between wondering what in the world I'll wear, I've surmised that I must look better on paper - because I really don't think I'm qualified for this.

(Yes, they're going to supply me with the questions to ask, but I'll also get to ask a couple of "local interest.")

I think I'll have to find some old Saturday Night Live clips, like from the last Presidential debate, to study in preparation.

And, so help me, if someone says "strategery" Thursday night, I think I'll pass out.

(P.S. - this is yet another instance where I've also been thinking, Man, am I ever glad I lost that weight and won't be the biggest person in the room anymore!)

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter, y'all!

Oh, I hope everyone is having a good day. The weather is so sunny here, but the wind is oh-so-chilly. I had to wear a wool coat to church this morning! On Easter! As if!

Anna Marie was attired thusly:

Ok, so you can't really see her dress very well. It's red-and-white gingham, and the top of it is sleeveless and looks like a wrap dress. There are yellow flowers and ladybugs embroidered on it, and a white grosgrain ribbon tied in a bow at the waist.

And yes, I bought her a cardigan to go with it this year, because common sense told me it would be cold. No matter that we've had beautiful upper-60's several days this week, today, it was cold.

After church, we planned to go to Zaxby's for lunch, but alas, they were closed. As was Target. And Fazoli's. and several other places. So it was back to Qdoba.

I took Anna Marie over to mom's this afternoon, and she stayed after I left. Mom is supposed to drop her off on her way to an Easter play tonight, but I'm not holding my breath - the kid is out of school tomorrow.

(Sidenote: they get way, way more days off than we did. And despite teachers thinking that kids won't learn unless its fun [no offense, Steff] kids learned stuff for CENTURIES before school got fun. I'm just sayin'.)

And for the record - the score on those wee tiny Reese's eggs is them five, me zip. I did eat a few today - just a few. I've also exercised twice already (about 20 minutes each). (And I'd probably still be exercising now, but I had to get on the computer before AM got home. I needed to blog - got my priorities straight, yo.)

I'll leave you with Anna Marie's family of eggs, each one decorated like a member of our family.

She even wrote commentary on some of them: "Mom rules," "Dad's cool," "Papa rocks."

The one for my brother? Even has a red mohawk just like he does.

Happy Easter, y'all!

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Official Thursday Weigh-In



I knew I had a good week this week - I ate well, and Anna Marie helped me run my behind off in the beautiful weather.

But I didn't know the week was going to be this good!

I lost 1.5 lbs. this week! Down to 153.5!

Just half a pound from the 85 pound mark!

And now I'll stop using so many exclamation points!

(Now comes the real challenge, though - Easter candy. One of the ladies in my WW group said last week that she can withstand candy all year, but once they put it in the shape of an egg, she's a goner. And guess what I have in my cabinet, left over from Anna Marie's egg hunt today at school: wee tiny Reese's eggs.)

(And they're hidden from my sight, because if I see them, I'll eat them. You can bet on it.)

Tuesday, March 18, 2008


Really, Mr. Paul McKenna, sir?

You can make me thin, with your four simple rules that include eating whatever I want?

You think that I, the reclusive couch-sitter than I am, can eat chocolate, and chips, and pizza, and lose weight?

I watched your show Sunday night.

I'd been waiting for weeks, ever since my sister clued me in.

I thought that maybe you'd have some insight that I'd missed in the 2+ years of my weight loss journey, but no.

(No offense, but I'm pretty glad I didn't buy your book, because I've paid Weight Watchers a small fortune and already learned at least three of your rules.)

But I have to admit, it was refreshing to see some of the tenants of CORE reinforced that way. And, I'm trying to eat more mindfully, but I was doing that already.

So, unless you have something else to offer, I'm not impressed.

I don't need someone to make me thin.

Organized? Better rested? Less prone to procrastination? Yes.

Thin? Not so much. Not any more.


In other news:

I finished The Memory Keeper's Daughter!

So now, when I go to the library for my book club meeting today, I have to find another book to place in the "What I'm Reading" section. So all those folks in Blogland thing I'm well-read!

(Well, of something other than Nick, Jr. books.)

I stayed up way too late finishing it last night. The first few chapters, I could read a bit and then put it down, but then - Friday night - I got to the really juicy stuff.

Aruba. Those who've read the book will know what I'm talking about.

After I put Anna Marie to bed, I got out the book. I was determined to finish before my book club meeting, so I could tell those ladies that yes! I'd read something! Something that wasn't a 20-page Dr. Seuss book!

Problem was, I hadn't read enough before last night.

Three hours. That's how long it took me to finish! It was nearly midnight when I got into bed!

And then, my mind was swirling with how one man's actions, and the lies he told as a result, had a ripple effect over everyone in his family.

And Paige, no, I wasn't impressed with the ending. I thought it came a little too abruptly at that point in the story, and could've been done a bit better.


Now what do I read?

Guess you'll have to wait until after lunch to find out!

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Hooray for Horton!

Oh my goodness!

Anna Marie and I went to our wee tiny theater here in town yesterday and saw this movie.

I don't know when I've laughed so much! It was so completely silly!

I highly recommend it.

(Oh, and did you know - they've made a live action Speed Racer movie? I am so excited!)

(And did you also know, my poor husband didn't know who in the world Speed Racer was when I came home and told him the glad news? I knew he led a sheltered childhood, but that's ridiculous!)

The weather, by the way, has been so beautiful here today. We went to Cornerstone Church, where we used to attend before we started the church here. They were doing their annual presentation of their Easter play, The Whip, Hammer, and Cross.

It's been several years since I saw it, and they change it up just a bit every year, but its always a powerful production.

We ran a couple of errands and then came home, where Anna Marie and I went to the bank parking lot next door and she rode her bike (and I jogged alongside.) I'm determined that this spring she's going to learn to ride without training wheels, but first she has to get up some speed! That's actually pretty difficult on the sidewalk, which is on only quite broken up, but also starts off on quite an incline. I figured the parking lot, with its relatively new blacktop, would be better.

And it was.

And now, after walking around Target, and running outside with her, and going to the grocery store, and making dinner, and cleaning the kitchen, I'm tired!

And let me just say, I've had a revelation these last few days, when the first thing Anna Marie can think of is "How can I get outside and play?"

Because as a child (and even now as an adult), let me just say, playing outside was NOT the first thought that occurred to me. I wanted to figure out how to spend as much time in the house as possible, watching TV and reading (oh, and eating. Lots of eating.)

You know how the best marriages are when the spouses bring the best out in each other? When they push each other to be better people by getting them out of their comfort zones?

After puzzling for the past six years over why God gave me a child who is so radically different from myself, I finally get it. She pushes me to be a better person. She gets me out of my comfort zone!

If it weren't for her, I'd have spent these past few warm days inside, on the couch, finishing up The Memory Keeper's Daughter. As it stands, though, I've gotten LOADS of exercise and fresh air.

And, I think I'm a better person for it.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Official Thursday Weigh-In

I'm going to make this short and to the point, because I'm ready to climb into bed.

I guess last week was a "legal gain" because I lost that pound this week!

Back down to 155.

How is everyone else doing? Hmm?

A pre-weigh-in check-in

Lots of hyphens in that title, huh?

Ever need a day off to recover from your day off? I usually do! I guess because I don't get to take a day off very often, I have to try to cram as much into them as possible.

Tuesday morning, Anna Marie mercifully didn't wake me up until 7:30 a.m. (Later would've been better, but I'm not going to split hairs here.)

Speaking of hair - we both got ours cut Tuesday. Well, she's still trying to grow hers out, so it just got shaped up a bit, but I probably lost like half a pound of hair. Sharon is so good with that thinning-out tool thingy!

We went to vote, and then took a trip 15 miles north to the nearest Kroger to get in on their awesome sale on chicken.

(Man, you know you're a mom when a sale on chicken gets you stoked!)

We also stopped at Subway for a sandwich. Never go to the grocery store hungry!

When we got home, it was such a nice day (as opposed to the six inches of snow on the ground over the weekend) that she played in the backyard whilst I put a roast in the crock pot and deboned chicken breasts to go in the freezer. After half an hour of that (including cleaning up) she beckoned me outside, where she'd set up a circuit of activities.

She'd make a great personal trainer.

We hit a baseball. We played catch. We kicked soccer balls into her goal. We threw wee tiny footballs. We played basketball. And we played field hockey, using a small fabric ball and some sticks.


Add to that the two loads of laundry I put up, and I was done. I mean, stick a fork in me if you'd like - I was too pooped to go on. I just kind of lay around until Jason got home and it was time for dinner. Thank God for the crock pot!

I was still pretty exhausted yesterday, but I managed to make it through. And then, Jason brought me this, courtesy of Amanda:

Bet you can't guess who that is. Or who this is:

That's right! It's AM!

I had no clue about this, and truthfully, if I hadn't been told the cover photo was of her, I never would've guessed. The interior shot, of the polka-dot dress, was easier.

A friend of Amanda's was designing the cover for this album by JT Page, saw the pictures on her Flickr page, and asked to use them. They're perfect, especially since the album is called "Olivia's Dance." The title track was written in honor of the artist's granddaughter.

I'm listening to the album now - it's sort of jazz-meets-church music. Not bad - I don't know anything about the artist, except that he attends a Presbyterian church in Memphis and dropped a couple of copies of this album by Amanda's house last week in the middle of a blizzard.

The picture on the cover was taken the weekend we moved into our house, when AM was just about to turn 3. Once Jason told me who it was, I immediately remembered the outfit and the photos Amanda took that day. The inside image was taken not too long after that, because I think that dress was a size 3T.

I can't even explain the sense of pride I felt when I saw this, because really, what did I have to do with it? Amanda took the picture. Her friend saw it and designed the cover. And this Page fella recorded the music.

But, it's my child, all the same, and I guess its that connection I feel with her, that makes me happy when something like this happens to her.

(By the way - she didn't seem too impressed. Maybe when she's older she'll appreciate it!)

Now, I have a full day of work to look forward to before weigh-in tonight. I really wish there was some other time, besides the end of a deadline day, that I could do this!

Monday, March 10, 2008

A meme

Boy, I hope y'all like irony.

(You know, irony, as opposed to something being merely unfortunate like in that Alanis Morrisette song of a few years ago?)

(Case in point: rain on your wedding day isn't ironic. It's merely unfortunate.)

(Full disclosure: it rained buckets on my wedding day.)

Anyway - where was I? Oh yes. The meme.

Here are the meme rules:

1. Write your own six word memoir.

2. Post it on your blog and include a visual illustration if you’d like.

3. Link to the person that tagged you in your post and to this original post if possible, so we can track it as it travels across the blogosphere.

4. Tag five more blogs with links.

5. Remember to leave a comment on the tagged blogs with an invitation to play!

Ok, here goes.

1. She put it off yet again.

See! See! That's the ironic part! I'm a horrible procrastinator, and I'm just now doing this meme a week after I was tagged! And that's my memoir - She put it off yet again.

2. Post it on your blog. Check. (For an illustration, just see my entire life.)

3. Link to the one who tagged you.

Hi Valerie!

4. Tag five more blogs with links.

Ok. This is where I'm getting lazy, as opposed to just procrastinating, because I think I'm coming down with something and just the work of typing this thing is almost more than I can bear.

So therefore, #5 is out of the question.

What do you do, oh blogosphere, when you were the sole well person in your house, and then you start to fall too? When you can't ask your husband to cook dinner, because he's sick too, but you don't feel like doing it yourself? And you're trying to eat healthier, so ordering a pizza is out of the question?

This is one of those days when I really, really wish I'd started my crock pot before I left home.

But hey - I'm taking off tomorrow to spend the day with AM since she's on spring break. That's the only thing keeping me from going home already.

Hopefully, I'll feel like doing more than just taking us to our beauty shop appointment in the morning.

Friday, March 07, 2008

Official "Thursday" Weigh-In

It is still Friday, at least, right?

Well, I'm still on CORE. But I gained a pound this week. So I'm back up to 156.

Know what? I'm feeling pretty Zen about the whole thing.

Especially since this is what my leader would call a "legal gain" week - if you know what I mean.

And I think that you do.

I worked late last night - until after 9 p.m. I came home and went straight to bed.

Anna Marie has been sick this week, waking up in the middle of the night needing medicine.

And I made an observation:

When I was in labor with Anna Marie, the hospital had these "smart" blood pressure cuffs. They were supposed to sense when you were about to have a contraction, and not take your BP at that time.

I didn't get one of those.

In fact, mine took my BP precisely when I was having a contraction.

Well, that's how AM's sickness has been of late. The last few months, she's been sick precisely when I started my period.


Oh, did I mention, it's SNOWING?

Anna Marie got out of school at 1:30 today. Her first real snow day!

And spring break starts next week.

And yes, spring break is historically a good time to expect snow around here.


Tuesday, March 04, 2008

We interrupt this blogging dry spell

To bring you an update.

It's one of those paradoxes - when life happens, and you have much to blog about, you don't have much time to do the blogging.

If only I had an iPhone! Then I could blog from anywhere!

Thankfully, Anna Marie had a better day at school on Friday, so that she could go to her cousin Aaron's amazing birthday party on Saturday.

Yes, I got pictures, but no, I haven't had time to deal with them yet.

She and the other kids got all harnessed up, and jerked around by a bunch of teenagers. They ran down a ramp into a pit full of foam blocks! They jumped on a trampoline strapped to bungee cords! They flew across the room on a zip line!

Then they got pizza and a Transformers cake! I told you it was amazing!

(And you'd be real proud of me - I ate CORE for two days, and got in some activity points Saturday afternoon, and spent a few points on just one slice of pizza. Then I ran to SuperTarget and got some pre-sliced apples and a cheese stick. Yum!)

Anna Marie, by the way, has been a bit under the weather of late. No fever, just some coughing and nose issues. All the usual for this time of year.

Wondering what we did on Sunday, since our church no longer exists?

I was too, until Saturday when Jason said he wanted to visit our old church in Southaven. The one we attended for a year, until we started the church down here. I really liked going there then. It was big, for sure. But we were just starting to get involved - we were attending a couples Sunday School class taught by the pastor's wife, and my sister and I were keeping the nursery.

The main reason Jason wanted to go was because since we'd left, they had built a new sanctuary. At the time we were going there, they had to hold two services to accommodate everyone on Sunday mornings. And Jason is very interested in church "set ups" - what lighting and sound systems they use, and what software they use to project their song lyrics. (He determined that they use the same program we did, by the way.)

I can't say for sure that it's the church God has for us on a permanent basis, but I knew - you know how you just know sometimes? - that we were supposed to be there Sunday. It was really amazing, how much of what was said/done applied to us. I found myself secretly wishing that we could start attending there again.

And Anna Marie had a great time as well - they've converted the old sanctuary into the childrens church, and the pastor's eight-year-old daughter (who is adopted from China, also named Anna, and also wears glasses) took AM under her wing to show her around. She was excited when we left, and asked us if we were coming back next week.

(Of course, I have to take that with a grain of salt - she'd say that just about anywhere there were kids!)

I do know that wherever we go, we won't just be "pew sitters." No matter how large a church is, they always need folks to get involved - in this week's bulletin, there were listings for half a dozen teachers for the girls' Wednesday night classes. (One of which is the one I taught at our church, by the way.) Even in a church of a couple thousand, there are still places to serve!

Anna Marie also had another performance with the Baptist church choir on Sunday night. As hoarse as she was, I really don't see how she made it through!

Anyway. This is my busy week, with lots of meetings. And Anna Marie just woke up and is coughing, so I need to go see about her.

And, when you pray, please say a little prayer for a situation you've no doubt heard about from Memphis - a family was found dead yesterday evening, two adults and two children dead, and three more toddlers alive but in critical condition. There's no word yet on what happened, except that neighbors think they heard gunshots on Sunday night.

That means those babies were hurt, alone, in that house for nearly 24 hours.

Like I said, we really need to pray.