Tuesday, January 12, 2010

True story!

(Man, every time I hear those words, I think of the Los Angeles season of The Real World and that guy from Kentucky named Jon, who said "True story" in a sing-song, twangy voice in the intro each week. True story!)

Anna Marie her-own-self requested, nay, insisted that I put this on the web.

And because she's an only child, of course, I am. Because I can't buy her that Wii she's wanting (darn you, speeding tickets and car tires and faltering economy that ate up our savings!) but I can put her stories on my blog.

Sunday night as she was getting ready for bed, we were in the living room, where one whole wall is taken up almost completely by three large windows looking out onto the front lawn. She looked out the window and kept saying, "What is that red thing, that's metal, with a cushion, outside?" She was acting pretty alarmed, and I couldn't for the life of me figure out what she was talking about.

"Mom! Red, cushion, metal! Outside!"

I was pretty perplexed, and getting a little worried. All I saw was snow and the occasional cat walking through.

I made my way closer to where she was, and realized it was the reflection of her little red folding chair in the window. She thought it was HILARIOUS, and started to do the same thing with her blue chair.

And then - "Mom, PLEASE put this on the internet. You HAVE to put this on the internet! PLEASE!"

Oh, Anna Marie!


Amanda said...

I also hear the Real World "true stooor-eeeh" whenever I hear the words "true story."

doodlebugmom said...

wow, now that story has made it all the way to Wisconsin!

lol she is so cute

Stephanie said...

Ha, I remember that guy's "true sto-REEEE!" interjection. Now "Boot Scoot Boogie" is going to be stuck in my head :/
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Wendster said...

and now the story has made it all the way to California.


Cutie A.M.

Melissa said...

The wonders of the internet!