Monday, August 30, 2010


(Sorry for the lack of a picture, folks. It goes against everything in my newspaper page designing background not to have one, but seriously - I'm pretty sure we don't need to see some deceased rodents up in here.)

When last we met, Jason was trying to figure out a way to out-fox a wily mouse.

Turns out, he was trying to out-fox wily mice. PLURAL. As in, there has been more than one varmint roaming around my kitchen.

Saturday night, he decided to put a trap in the small gap between the refrigerator and the stove.

Sunday morning, I heard a very, very nice sound: SNAP. As in, the death knell for the mouse. As in, music to my ears.

He re-set the trap, you know, just in case. After church yesterday, we found out just what that case was: Mouse #2.

I thought it was over. Really, I did. I mean, come ON - what were the odds that we had more that one mouse, let alone, more than two? Once again, we left the trap there, on the off chance that another mouse might show its little mousie head.

(Did I mention, he's RE-USING the traps? GAG. He says they are made to be re-used, and I'm sure he's right. It seems like what all those super-exterminator shows he likes to watch recommend doing. He also says that mice are cannibalistic, and that if they smell a dead mouse, it will draw them to that spot.)


So tonight, we came back home late after a meeting at church, thanked my mom for watching Anna Marie, and started getting ready to turn in for the night. And then my eye caught an odd sight: the mouse trap beside the stove was upside down.

I will give you three guesses as to why that was, and the first two don't count.

Jason is taking heart, though. He says they're getting smaller.

"This one was itty bitty," he proclaimed, a little hopefully.

He checked the dryer vent hose to see if that was the point of entry, but it doesn't appear that way. He's working tomorrow in Memphis, so we'll have to move the stove out tomorrow night or Wednesday and investigate that situation more fully. It is quite possible, or so he tells me, that the mice are living in an open space at the back of the stove, but we still don't know how they're getting in.

In the meantime, guess where that trap is. Yep, you got it.


Amanda said...

I could not do the mouse trap thing. That you have a husband who can stomach it, you should be thankful.

Melissa said...

Actually, the trap is somewhat better than the poison you were using last year. It's much quicker and more humane, and you know exactly where the mouse breathed his last!

I'm really, really glad there is only one sale this week, so Jason can spend some time investigating!

hannah said...

At least you are slowly getting rid of them...hopefully that was the last one!

I tried to use the Ortho Kill and Contain traps because they were supposed to be easy and humane but they never ever worked. It was so frustrating.

Alecia said...

Hmmm. Your techno husband might like this. My sister in law gave me an electric mouse trap. Runs on some "AA" batteries. Looks like the small black box of death. Mouse runs in, perhaps because he smells a single speck of peanut butter, and when his feet touch the electric plates - ZAPPO - instant death. indicator on the top lets you know when you need to empty over a trashcan for a satisfying thud. I highly reccomend.