Saturday, May 02, 2009

Call Noah.

I think we may be in need of a loaner.

After threatening to rain for several days now, the proverbial bottom has dropped out.

(Ever wonder exactly which bottom has dropped out? Me too.)

And, while I'm glad I don't have as much stuff to do as I did last Saturday, still, I shall have to exit my domicile at some point. Yesterday, through some strange chain of events, I was DONE with my deadline work by lunch.

I know, weird, right?

So, while I thought that Anna Marie was going to have to skip her dance pictures - half an hour away, at 4 p.m., requiring lots of costume changes, hair, and makeup that precluded Jason taking her - I was able to leave work at 3 p.m. and participate in the "festivities."

Two and a half hours later (or, a bit after 6 p.m.) we were done.

"We're running a little behind," the dance teacher says. And by "a little" she meant "about an hour."

Funny thing is, since they're charging $50 for five small photos, I probably won't even be buying them. The main reasons I even went were to get her costumes, and because they take a couple of group photos.

Anna Marie did treat me to a private tap performance once she got into that costume, though, so I guess that was something.

Anyway, Anna Marie had requested a dinner at Red Lobster. I was trying to get mom and Amanda to come down, but they convinced me to drive to their neighborhood - and dine at Pei Wei. And somehow, when I left that restaurant, I was minus one red-headed kid.

Hmph. Funny how that happens!

Jason, by the way, had weaseled out of the whole shebang by promising to "clean the office" which is code for "pile everything on Melissa's scrapbook table." I walked in alone, and he said, "Did you leave her at Red Lobster?"

"No, I left her at Pei Wei. With Gramma."

I've just received a breaking news alert, that Gramma and Anna Marie are in the area where I'll likely be having to pick her up, so I suppose I'll have to get Jason up (yes, it IS after 10 a.m.) and get a move on.

That is, if Noah has a spare ark on hand.


wendy said...

Sounds like a long day. And sounds like your hubby's cleaning style is the same as my hubby's ... but my stuff doesn't end up on my desk ... it ends up shoved, piled, and broken and then he looks all surprised like: It was WHOLE when I put it IN the pile.


wendy said...

Happy Mother's Day!