Friday, April 01, 2011

Fun for Friday

Do you need a pick-me-up today? Does it seem like your last name is suddenly changed to "Murphey" because everything that can go wrong, has gone wrong?

Hmm? Or is that just me?

Well, have I got a deal for you:

Yeah, I posted this last year, right before the finale, but this morning driving to work I was flipping stations and heard the song. Now, I'm no Miley fan, but after watching this video about a bazillion and one times last May, THIS is what comes to mind whenever I hear the song.

Sigh. I miss this show something fierce. I'm thinking that the boxed set would be a GREAT present for my birthday this year, since I'm going to be halfway through my 30s, but since Jason never, ever reads this blog I guess I'll have to resort to other means of letting him know that.

Movin' my hips like yeah - whatever that means!


superpaige said...

You might like to know that Hurley is on the new show "mr. Sunshine" with Matthew Perry. Not a huge part, but I smile everytime I see him.

Melissa said...

I did not know that, but I just set my DVR to record it! One of the reasons I started watching Hawaii Five-O was so I could see Jin again - but then I started really enjoying it!

Amanda said...

Melissa said...

Yay, Amanda! And I find it seriously ironic that Hugo Reyes is now a vegetarian, seeing as how he used to devour whole buckets of fried chicken.

Did you scroll down on the other blog, to the post about the "Bharma" bar in Spain? Even though I don't frequent such places, I would totally find that place were I to ever find myself in that country. Awesome!

Melissa said...

Also, our pastor is starting a new sermon series on Easter called "The End." And every time I see that title, I miss LOST a little bit more.

Amanda said...

Do you want to watch the Finale again together, to see if we yell at the TV less this time?

Melissa said...

Did I ever tell you that I was re-watching it on the DVR in the living room about a month later, and Jason walked in right as Jack was touching that coffin and said, "Who is he?" and then "What is he doing?"

Worst.possible.moment. I explained that he was the pivotal character in the show, and what he was doing was the culmination of the whole series, so I was not going to stop and try to explain it all right then!