Saturday, April 16, 2011

Life with dogs


Not pictured: Lucky, The World's Most Patient Male

Life with dogs means... have an escort around your property, ready to protect you from the odd squirrel or snake... spend a small fortune in food, medicine, and vet bills every year, to make sure they're healthy... have an instant alarm system, ready to sound if something - be it animal, vegetable, or mineral - comes into their "personal space"... find them on warm, sunny afternoons, stretched out napping, but they snap to attention at the sound of your footsteps... can hear their tails beating rhythmically against the side of the house as they wait for you to emerge each morning... always have a buddy ready and waiting for a game of fetch... never know WHAT "present" will greet you on your doorstep when you get up in the morning...

...and, evidently, it means that, if an envelope with some cash in it happens to fly out of your purse on a windy day, one of them is going to make a meal out of a $20 bill and you'll never (want to) see it again.

These observations brought to you by Lucky, Delta, and Annie Turner.

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