Monday, March 16, 2009

Just the facts, m'am.

This blogging thing has gotten really difficult as of late, because so much of what is going on in Melz World I'm not at liberty to share.

Here's a hint on part of it - it starts with a "w" and rhymes with "jerk."

And after a meeting I had last Wednesday, I have a lot of decisions to make about, ahem, jerk. Let's just say some changes are being made, and they are no good/very bad/perfectly awful.

(I'd say more, but once I get started, I won't be able to stop, and I don't need to end up like dooce any time soon. Ya dig?)

So, I'm sorry I've not been present around here lately. I will tell you that I didn't weigh in on Thursday morning, because I got my bad news on Wednesday afternoon and I was still trying to process it - as much as anyone can process being told that, among other cutbacks, they were having a week of vacation that they'd already earned taken away -oops, did I just say that? - and I couldn't take the chance of a bad outcome.

Yes, I'm supposed to be honest with myself, and with you, but when you've had a week like I did - and I didn't eat poorly, and I did exercise, but sometimes even that isn't enough - well, I didn't need to add another thing to my (proverbial) plate.

The weather here has been just absolutely dreary, to the point that I think it's been affecting my mood as much as anything else. No offense to those who live in the Pacific Northwest, but several months a year of gray, chilly weather would really do me in.

Thankfully, I did spy a bit of blue sky this afternoon. I just wish the weather guys would have told me that it wouldn't get near today's expected high of 67 until nearly 5 p.m., so I would've been a bit more prepared for the chill.

We had a great couple of days over the weekend - choir practice on Saturday, and two fantabulous services yesterday - and I was feeling much encouraged today.

And then, Monday began in earnest!

I found out about more cutbacks in our operations at work, and then Jason called to say that he'd just gotten a speeding ticket!

He plans on contesting it, by the way, because he sees no way he could've gotten to the speed they clocked him in from a dead stop in the distance he'd traveled. He's sure to go all "Speeders Fight Back" on them in court. I can just see him now with his laptop and projector, showing how that it was scientifically impossible for him to have been going that fast.

Or, we could just pray that the cop doesn't show up - especially since the ticket comes close to one week of his pay!

Either way, it looks like I'm going to have to work a little harder to hold on to that ray of hope I'd found over the weekend - and pray a little harder that Monday sees itself right on out the door before it does any more damage.


superpaige said...

Oh, good grief. I'm so sorry that things are not going so well. Buck up, little camper. Things will go better today.

Rachel said...

Wow, when it rains it pours! I'm praying things turn around quickly for you!

wendy said...

Are you fired? Pay cut in half? I am worried about you. I remember already that you guys have a tight budget (and boy can I relate! ... hubby out of work for months now.)

Everything ALWAYS turns out alright in the end. This I know.

There is a blessing in this. Every trial has it's blessings. And, conversely, every blessing also brings trials.

Some good will come of this. Hang in there.