Monday, March 01, 2010

Dear God,

If you have a calendar up in Heaven, you know it's March 1.

Down here on earth, where the weather isn't a comfortable 72 degrees year round*, that means that winter needs to be over.

We, The Humans, are done with winter. Really. We don't need it anymore. You can have it back. We promise we took good care of it.

So, now that it's March, the weather can start to warm up and clear up and generally get nice and "pretty."

Keep up the good work!


*We have a very toney suburb of Memphis, where the city keeps pretty strict tabs on what can/can't be done in the way of outdoor colors (down to blue trash cans instead of green because "they" think it looks better) and an old joke says that, in that town, it's a comfortable 72 degrees year-round.

(Guess you had to be {raised} there.)


Rachel said...

Dear God,
I second this prayer. Send some 70 degree weather here to GA while you're at it.

Rachel said...

It is now March 2 and SNOWING! However, the weatherman says we will be having 70 degree weather by the end of the weekend.

Melissa said...

And it's even COLDER here today, and raining. It's just wet and raw outside. Guess He must have a sense of humor!

Amanda said...

I wish that part of town really were a comfortable 72 year round...I worked in that part of town, outdoors, on 110 degree heat index days!