Wednesday, March 03, 2010

The road to bigger pants

Is paved with good intentions.

I have a confession - it's been, ahem, several days since I've made it to the gym.

Now, don't get me wrong. I haven't been sitting on my "blessed assurance" and eating bonbons. One day last week, I was running behind and did a session on my Gazelle. One day, I spent an hour cleaning two rooms in my house. Saturday, we took the dogs on a LOOOONG walk, culminating in a trip to the groomers, and I also spent three hours preparing entries for a newspaper contest. Sunday, we had a service called "Special Ops," which entailed the choir dressing up in camo and marching in. (And practicing that marching in several times - more on that later) And then, we spent four hours walking around town so we would still be in the area for that evening's business meeting.

Monday, I was so exhausted from Sunday (and still sore from all that marching/walking) that I slept in. Yesterday, Jason went to work at 2 a.m. so I couldn't leave the house. And then, we come to today.

Apparently, my little short legs don't like to march much. Apparently, my knees like it even less. Because, since Sunday, I have had a "comes and goes" pain in them, and this morning, wouldn't you know it, it came. I can't walk around my house without pain, so I was a little leery of putting the knee through its paces at the gym.

I know I could take some ibuprofen and go on, but I'm more concerned about treating the actual cause, and not just the symptoms.

So, this morning, no gym. Again. Some housework, but no cardio.

Good intentions. I have them. And hopefully they won't bring me a bigger pair of pants.


doodlebugmom said...

My vote is to rest it. Ice it and stretch it several times a day. It won't hurt it. It could be tendonitis.

I hurt my achilles tendon last September and kept up my power walking and gazelle - bad move. I didn't see a doctor til Dec, he put me in a boot and told me "If you had seen me when you first hurt it you could have saved yourself a lot of pain and added expense. No walking. No stairs. No hills. And I mean it!" Of course I am the mom,the faithful employee, and have been battling my weight forever, I didn't want to chuck up again. So I walked less, avoided hills and wore the boot most of the time.

When I for my follow up, he scolded me and I confessed that I had not exactly followed orders. But I had an excuse, my weight. He told me I could power walk when I got better, "but there are times in a person's life when their body is screaming for rest. This is the time for your tendons. Worry about the weight in a few months." So here I sit: 6 months later, still in the boot, going to physical therapy 3 times a week (if you think doctors are expensive, they are nothing compared to PT), still have some pain, but my jeans still fit!

Sorry for the novel, I just don't want you to make the same mistake I did.

Melissa said...

I have just about decided to give up on the gazelle. I think that doing that Thursday morning may have actually started this chain of events, exacerbated by the long dog walk and the marching (and the three-hours of walking around between services). I seem to be locking my knees when I'm on it, even when I make a conscious decision not to. Maybe I can give it to my sister and get a recumbent bike instead!

Just about the time I got pregnant with Anna Marie, I injured my knee (the same one) when I stepped out of my MIL's door. By the time I figured out what I'd done, I knew I was pregnant and couldn't do much with it. It hurt off and on for years, until I lost the weight when it seemed to subside. This pain started at the front (on Thursday) and has now migrated to the back of my knee.

Thanks for the warning - I definitely don't want to have to end up in physical therapy!