Wednesday, March 31, 2010

I'm not a doctor, but I'm getting pretty good at using Web MD

So. The cardiologist's office called yesterday with the results from my Holter monitor.

"Your results were within normal limits."

Normal? You call losing my breath while sitting down doing nothing normal?

I was pretty upset after I hung up the phone. I felt like I'd wasted two days of my time and no-telling-how-much money, and every test I took seems to have come back as "normal."

I have a follow up appointment in about two weeks, so maybe I'll get more answers then. I sure as heck am going to ask more questions!

Looks like I need to fire up Web MD.


doodlebugmom said... is a great site, I use everyday too. I don't like webmd, too much advertising and I never know if I am reading an add or non-biased info.

I am glad things came back as normal, its better than bad news! A follow up is nice to ask questions, good luck!

Wendster said...

Hmmmmm .... good news that your results were NORMAL but what in the heck? How about some information leading you to the solution???? Thank you very much.

Frustrating. Maybe the next appointment WILL bring you more answers.

It usually seems to me that doctors don't know the answers. .. they are making their best guesses, just like us. So my answer to everything is eat healthier and exercise more. And soak in hot tubs. And get pedicures. A nice mix of relaxing and exercising, lol.

You sure have inspired me in my weight loss. I keep on checking to see if you've put your weight somewhere, but I don't see it. I know it USED to be Thursday weigh ins ... then it kind of changed for a bit ... when are they now? *Are* they now? lol

None of my business ... just curious. You look terrific.

hugs! xoxox