Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Oh Pandora, how do I love thee?

Let me count the ways…

• I love that I can access you from work or at home, and not have to worry about which computer I've synced my iTunes library with.

• I love that you give me access to WAY more music than I have hard drive space/money for, and help me discover new stuff all the time. For FREE.

• I love that I can dial you up on my netbook, take it into the kitchen, and listen to TobyMac or Sinatra or Aretha Franklin or Jack Johnson while I putter around.

• And I really, REALLY love that when Jason brings home my Android phone in the next day or two, there will, indeed, be an app for that.

Sigh. What did I ever do without you, Pandora dear?


Rachel said...

I REALLY, REALLY love Pandora too! I love that I can have stations my students can listen to (High School Musical, Instrumental Praise...they have no idea!)

I also love that "there's an App for that!".

Amanda said...

Pandora is one of my favorite things. Ever.