Tuesday, November 20, 2007

A little something for the ladies

First off, who decided that November would be a good month for NaBloPoMo? For reals. Because even though lots of blog-worthy stuff goes on (Nutcracker, Jason's B-Day, Thanksgiving) lets be honest - when blog-worthy stuff is happening, in real time, you don't actually have time to blog about it.


Anyway, Anna Marie's health seems to be improving. The only medicine she's still taking is the Amoxicillin, which happens to be her favorite of the three liquids she's been chugging for the past week. She's only got one more day to take it though, so I'm sure she's not going to be happy with that.

Her behavior improved too. After getting in trouble nearly every day last week, she stayed on green yesterday! Yay!

We went to Chili's for Jason's birthday on Saturday. Black bean burgers rock! He went to Fazoli's later for some turtle cheesecake, but I played it safe - just a lemon ice for me.

Oh, and on Friday, he informed me that we're spending Thanksgiving with his mother. Yes, that mother. In Georgia. Yes, that Georgia. The one that takes all day to get to. We aren't leaving until Thursday morning, and we have to return on Sunday so I can get back to work, Anna Marie can get back to school, and Jason can get to the dentist.


The one upside is that we'll be stopping at Cracker Barrel again for lunch - not something we could convince his mom to go for if we were there for the actual Thanksgiving dinner. She's all traditional and stuff. I'm for tradition, and I have fond memories of holidays at my granparents house, with the adults in the kitchen and the kids eating around the coffee table in the living room. But I also have memories of the fights, both verbal and physical, that broke out. Hey, my grandparents didn't have a TV, and they lived on a farm, so we got bored. And everyone was in everyone else's business. Perfect storm for a fight.

I think I like my tradition better.

Anyway, I hope your Thanksgivings go better than mine (probably) will, or at least that you enjoy where you'll be traveling more. I can't really argue with Jason wanting to see his family, since we see mine almost every day. And, we'll be spending Christmas here, as always, so I guess Thanksgiving is a nice compromise.

Unfortunately, my MIL doesn't exactly have high speed internet. Or any internet for that matter. So we'll take the laptop, but we'll have to get online late at night since we'll be plugging into her phone line.

Ugh. Dial up. Insert "1994 called and they want their internet back" joke here.

I realized, however, that it'd been a while since we'd heard from our favorite Kiwis, Bret and Jermaine. A.K.A. Flight of the Conchords.

So here is a little something special for the ladies:

It's the least I can do.


Lissete said...

I hope you have a nice & safe trip! Cracker Barrel rocks!

Paige said...

Love Cracker Barrel. When we lived away from family, that was where we went for Thanksgiving.

Steff said...

Have a great Thanksgiving! Even if you gotta travel. :)

Amanda said...

I'm pretty sure Jeff Smith would be down with this whole "blonde not bombs" initiative.