Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Dear other moms of kids at my kid's school:

Hi there! You don't see me too often in the afternoons, but I was there today (cute brunette in the green Grand Prix, rockin' tunes coming from my iPod, playing Solitaire on same), a little earlier that I usually am because my boss didn't come to meet with us today.

And, as I sat there, way further up in the line than usual, I noticed a trend.

I noticed that, unlike the rest of us who come and sit in line for our Precious Little Ones to be released to us, some of you like to circumvent The System.

You know who you are. The ones who park your car, get out and walk up to the school building, and then, with your Precious Little Ones, try to get the rest of us in The System to let you back in so you can leave.

No dice.

You may not like The System, but it's a little like the IRS - you deal with it. You work within it.

You do not try to circumvent The System.

So, yes, your Precious Little Ones are more-precious than anyone else's. And yes, the converging and diverging traffic lanes of The System are somewhat tedious.

But, suck it up. Get in line. Wait to pull up to the gaggle of children and have one of the teachers open your door so your Precious Little One can enter the hallowed halls of your vehicle and be returned to your extra-special care once more.

You'll be teaching them a valuable lesson called Don't Rock The Boat.


Anna Marie's mom.


Valerie said...

how about that dang Golden Rule? sheesh.
i can't stand people like that.

Lissete said...

I guess it happens everywhere! I thought it was only here!

wendster said...

The only thing that bugs me more than the PARENTS doing this is the TEACHERS/STAFF ALLOWING it and not saying anything to them like: Who do you think you are? The system is based on SAFETY ... hello?!?!? You DO want your child to be SAFE don't you?

Fortunately, parents at Tristan's nursery school are cool and follow the rules.

Susie Q said...

Oh yeah..there are always a few aren't there? And the older I get, the less patience IO have for it.
The system is there for a reason! Helllooo? Ah....

How is that sweet girl?? Hugs to you and to her!!