Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter, y'all!

Oh, I hope everyone is having a good day. The weather is so sunny here, but the wind is oh-so-chilly. I had to wear a wool coat to church this morning! On Easter! As if!

Anna Marie was attired thusly:

Ok, so you can't really see her dress very well. It's red-and-white gingham, and the top of it is sleeveless and looks like a wrap dress. There are yellow flowers and ladybugs embroidered on it, and a white grosgrain ribbon tied in a bow at the waist.

And yes, I bought her a cardigan to go with it this year, because common sense told me it would be cold. No matter that we've had beautiful upper-60's several days this week, today, it was cold.

After church, we planned to go to Zaxby's for lunch, but alas, they were closed. As was Target. And Fazoli's. and several other places. So it was back to Qdoba.

I took Anna Marie over to mom's this afternoon, and she stayed after I left. Mom is supposed to drop her off on her way to an Easter play tonight, but I'm not holding my breath - the kid is out of school tomorrow.

(Sidenote: they get way, way more days off than we did. And despite teachers thinking that kids won't learn unless its fun [no offense, Steff] kids learned stuff for CENTURIES before school got fun. I'm just sayin'.)

And for the record - the score on those wee tiny Reese's eggs is them five, me zip. I did eat a few today - just a few. I've also exercised twice already (about 20 minutes each). (And I'd probably still be exercising now, but I had to get on the computer before AM got home. I needed to blog - got my priorities straight, yo.)

I'll leave you with Anna Marie's family of eggs, each one decorated like a member of our family.

She even wrote commentary on some of them: "Mom rules," "Dad's cool," "Papa rocks."

The one for my brother? Even has a red mohawk just like he does.

Happy Easter, y'all!


wendster said...

Those eggs are too fun! Love'em!
You know, that is BRILLIANT, countering sugar eating with all of that exercise. You are too dang smart, (yo).
The sugar score here is: I saw it, I ate it. But it made my tummy hurt, so I have no desire to REPEAT it today. I'm giving mine away to the kids.
Have a great day!

p.s. AM looks SO cute in her little dress.

Valerie said...

loving me a mohawk egg. AM is beyond cute there as well!

i was so surprised as to how many places were closed on Easter, then just as surprised to see places open!

but instead of Easter eggs, i got to hunt for a new car.

i'd rather take the eggs.

Sheila said...

We had a chilly Easter here as well! Felt more like winter rather than spring, lol!
Loved the eggs! Those are TOO Cute!

Paige said...

Cute Eggs!