Sunday, March 16, 2008

Hooray for Horton!

Oh my goodness!

Anna Marie and I went to our wee tiny theater here in town yesterday and saw this movie.

I don't know when I've laughed so much! It was so completely silly!

I highly recommend it.

(Oh, and did you know - they've made a live action Speed Racer movie? I am so excited!)

(And did you also know, my poor husband didn't know who in the world Speed Racer was when I came home and told him the glad news? I knew he led a sheltered childhood, but that's ridiculous!)

The weather, by the way, has been so beautiful here today. We went to Cornerstone Church, where we used to attend before we started the church here. They were doing their annual presentation of their Easter play, The Whip, Hammer, and Cross.

It's been several years since I saw it, and they change it up just a bit every year, but its always a powerful production.

We ran a couple of errands and then came home, where Anna Marie and I went to the bank parking lot next door and she rode her bike (and I jogged alongside.) I'm determined that this spring she's going to learn to ride without training wheels, but first she has to get up some speed! That's actually pretty difficult on the sidewalk, which is on only quite broken up, but also starts off on quite an incline. I figured the parking lot, with its relatively new blacktop, would be better.

And it was.

And now, after walking around Target, and running outside with her, and going to the grocery store, and making dinner, and cleaning the kitchen, I'm tired!

And let me just say, I've had a revelation these last few days, when the first thing Anna Marie can think of is "How can I get outside and play?"

Because as a child (and even now as an adult), let me just say, playing outside was NOT the first thought that occurred to me. I wanted to figure out how to spend as much time in the house as possible, watching TV and reading (oh, and eating. Lots of eating.)

You know how the best marriages are when the spouses bring the best out in each other? When they push each other to be better people by getting them out of their comfort zones?

After puzzling for the past six years over why God gave me a child who is so radically different from myself, I finally get it. She pushes me to be a better person. She gets me out of my comfort zone!

If it weren't for her, I'd have spent these past few warm days inside, on the couch, finishing up The Memory Keeper's Daughter. As it stands, though, I've gotten LOADS of exercise and fresh air.

And, I think I'm a better person for it.


Lissete said...

My first crush, at the age of about 5, was a cartoon character. His name was Speed Racer and he was a demon on wheels :)

Valerie said...

hey chickie! we saw Horton this weekend, too...and i giggled through most of it, too.

wendster said...

Go Speed Racer! Go Speed Racer! Go Speed Racer go-o o o!!! Trixie .. . kiss me goodbye because I'm marrying Wendy. She is the love of my life, even though I am a cartoon character and she is REAL. Lol ... I was SO in love with Speed Racer. What a weirdo I was ... but I see I am not alone.
And I could SO relate to the whole "out of the comfort zone" thing. I really do believe the people in our lives are there to challenge us and help us grow. That's how they serve us best.
Excellent notice.
I'm proud of you for getting out.
Happy St. Patty's day!

Paige said...

And how are you liking the Memory Keeper's Daughter. I picked it for my book Club selection this month, and all I'm hearing from people is how they didn't like it. I must admit I didn't like certain things in the story (like the ending), but I thought it was beautifully written, and showed mothers in such a sweet and tender light. I won't say more since you haven't finished it, but I'd like to know what you thought.

Melissa said...

Oh, Paige, I stayed up WAY too late finishing that book last night!

Stay tuned for a post!