Tuesday, March 04, 2008

We interrupt this blogging dry spell

To bring you an update.

It's one of those paradoxes - when life happens, and you have much to blog about, you don't have much time to do the blogging.

If only I had an iPhone! Then I could blog from anywhere!

Thankfully, Anna Marie had a better day at school on Friday, so that she could go to her cousin Aaron's amazing birthday party on Saturday.

Yes, I got pictures, but no, I haven't had time to deal with them yet.

She and the other kids got all harnessed up, and jerked around by a bunch of teenagers. They ran down a ramp into a pit full of foam blocks! They jumped on a trampoline strapped to bungee cords! They flew across the room on a zip line!

Then they got pizza and a Transformers cake! I told you it was amazing!

(And you'd be real proud of me - I ate CORE for two days, and got in some activity points Saturday afternoon, and spent a few points on just one slice of pizza. Then I ran to SuperTarget and got some pre-sliced apples and a cheese stick. Yum!)

Anna Marie, by the way, has been a bit under the weather of late. No fever, just some coughing and nose issues. All the usual for this time of year.

Wondering what we did on Sunday, since our church no longer exists?

I was too, until Saturday when Jason said he wanted to visit our old church in Southaven. The one we attended for a year, until we started the church down here. I really liked going there then. It was big, for sure. But we were just starting to get involved - we were attending a couples Sunday School class taught by the pastor's wife, and my sister and I were keeping the nursery.

The main reason Jason wanted to go was because since we'd left, they had built a new sanctuary. At the time we were going there, they had to hold two services to accommodate everyone on Sunday mornings. And Jason is very interested in church "set ups" - what lighting and sound systems they use, and what software they use to project their song lyrics. (He determined that they use the same program we did, by the way.)

I can't say for sure that it's the church God has for us on a permanent basis, but I knew - you know how you just know sometimes? - that we were supposed to be there Sunday. It was really amazing, how much of what was said/done applied to us. I found myself secretly wishing that we could start attending there again.

And Anna Marie had a great time as well - they've converted the old sanctuary into the childrens church, and the pastor's eight-year-old daughter (who is adopted from China, also named Anna, and also wears glasses) took AM under her wing to show her around. She was excited when we left, and asked us if we were coming back next week.

(Of course, I have to take that with a grain of salt - she'd say that just about anywhere there were kids!)

I do know that wherever we go, we won't just be "pew sitters." No matter how large a church is, they always need folks to get involved - in this week's bulletin, there were listings for half a dozen teachers for the girls' Wednesday night classes. (One of which is the one I taught at our church, by the way.) Even in a church of a couple thousand, there are still places to serve!

Anna Marie also had another performance with the Baptist church choir on Sunday night. As hoarse as she was, I really don't see how she made it through!

Anyway. This is my busy week, with lots of meetings. And Anna Marie just woke up and is coughing, so I need to go see about her.

And, when you pray, please say a little prayer for a situation you've no doubt heard about from Memphis - a family was found dead yesterday evening, two adults and two children dead, and three more toddlers alive but in critical condition. There's no word yet on what happened, except that neighbors think they heard gunshots on Sunday night.

That means those babies were hurt, alone, in that house for nearly 24 hours.

Like I said, we really need to pray.


Valerie said...

i cannot stand it when we have news stories about babies & kids getting shot for no reason. we had a story today about a 6 year old boy shot by gang members. no reason.

so freaking stupid.

on the other hand, i'm glad to hear you had a great Church experience - and the party sounds like fun! i wanna be on a zipline being pulled around!

wendster said...

I hate it when kids suffer like that.
I believe there IS a bright side to it. These challenging experiences help them grow into stronger people.
Thank goodness our suffering is never for naught.
"All these things shall be for our good".
Glad you found a nice church and MAN that party sounded SUPER cool.
(That party was cool ... but if it wore a cape it would be SUPER cool. ha!)

Paige said...

Oh my goodness, that's terrible. I hadn't heard about it.

Good luck to you on your busy week.

doodlebugmom said...

The birthday party sounds like a blast.

Glad you had a good Sunday at church.

So sad about that Memphis shooting, hard to comprehend such a terrible thing =(