Tuesday, July 22, 2008

I'll gladly pay you Tuesday

For one of the two blog posts I owe you today.

Because one is all I have time for at present.

In about two hours, Little AM and I will be at the allergist's office, where she'll likely be poked and prodded beyond all reason.

(No, she doesn't know that yet. Yes, I've promised her ice cream when it's all over.)

Hopefully, prayerfully, they'll find out why she has such bad allergy attacks at the end of July/beginning of August. And also in November. And also in May.

And maybe even why she broke out into such awful hives just before school got out.

Part of me thinks I'm overreacting (even though it was two separate doctors who recommended this testing) and part of me knows that, in about two weeks, I'll be right back at the doctor's office trying to find yet another prescription answer to her allergy symptoms.

The other post I owe you? The irrepressable Valerie has nominated me for an award, and I have to nominate some other folks, but I just haven't had a chance to get my ducks in a row about that yet.

The (possibly) worst part about this testing? We'll be in there for about four hours, right around the middle of the day. For two girls who are used to eating on a schedule, it's cutting right smack dab in the middle of our lunch hours.

But fear not - I'm thinking ahead, and stocking my purse with Fruit Roll-Ups.

Because what better sustinance, in times of medical testing, than plastic fruit that'll make your tongue look like Batman?


doodlebugmom said...

Good luck with the allergy tests. We had to do that with Aaron. He tried to tell me he was allergidc to washing dishes! hahaha, can't blame him for trying tho. Turns out he is allergic to the sun.

Most allergists are used to dealing with kid, they are usually pretty good with them.

And most of your time will just be sitting around waiting, so pack something more substantial than fruit roll ups, no one will care.

Lissete said...

oohhh, poor little miss AM. My brother had to get the allergy tests done when he was about 4. I was about 8 at the time and I remember him coming out hyperventilating from all the crying. What traumatized me the most was all the drawing that they did on his back! In the end, it was well worth it since he had many allergies, my mom knew what to avoid. And they also discovered that he is allergic to aspirin. The dingbat took an Advil a couple of years ago and almost died. He didn't know it contained aspirin. Read labels dimwit! Men!

Good thoughts for the little miss!

Paige said...

Good choice. Fruit roll ups!