Sunday, July 13, 2008

Weekend recap

Well, hello there, Blogland!

I guess you're wondering how I'm typing this, if my husband absconded with not only our offspring but also both computers?

Well, my mother has a laptop that she literally never uses. And Jason suggested that I borrow it for the week. So yesterday, she brought it over.

Except, I can't get the wireless to hook up with my router, so I'm stuck in the office, tethered to an ethernet cable.

And, I can't get the thing to find my printer, so I had to end up going to my office this morning anyway before church to print off my grocery list.

But anyway.

How am I surviving without the two red heads here? Quite well, in my estimation.

(Just don't let me catch a commercial for a romantic comedy, or a Nickelodeon show.)

Things I did yesterday:

* Watched four movies. I Am Legend, Thank You for Smoking, and ET - for the first time! Oh, and also Walk the Line. I loved Reese Witherspoon in that role!

* Ate popcorn in bed at 8:30 a.m. while watching movies.

Things I did not do yesterday:

* Change out of my PJs.

* Housework.

* Venture further than the mailbox.

* Exercise.

This is the one day a year I get to myself, and doggone it, I'm not wasting a minute doing anything responsible!

Today, though, was a different story. I had to go to church, and the grocery store. While I was here this afternoon, I also cleaned the bathroom. Luckily, it's small and didn't need much more than a wipedown and a mop, but still. Housework.

My usual scrapbookpalooza has also fallen by the wayside, because Jason also skipped town with my scrapbook table! It's hard to get into the swing of things when you have to move your paper and stuff around, but a lady in my Sunday School class is a Creative Memories consultant, and we were talking about scrapbooking this morning, so I did get a couple of pages done in her kindergarten book.

I'm about to wash my face and climb back onto my bed to watch more TV! Can you believe it? I think my brain is going to turn to mush before this weekend is over.

Maybe I should be thankful that I have to return to work tomorrow - before every muscle in my body completely atrophies.


doodlebugmom said...

In the past week or so I have watched some movies too! Wild hogs, Adventure in Babysitting, 13 going on 30, and An American President were some of my favorites.

wendster said...

I want to know what you thought of I Am Legend ! ! ! If you get a moment to share your thoughts. I thought those dark seekers were TOO creepy. Are they computer generated do you think? They've got to be. But dang they look real.

Good for you ... we all need some time to do nothing. And who says popcorn isn't a meal?

Paige said...

Oh, you lucky duck.

Valerie said...

ooooh lucky you! Brendan took off Sunday with a friend of his, so i had (after climbing Mount Washmore&more)a few glorious hours to do whatever, without hearing about all the blooming crap he want off eBay for the new car.

like i get to get new stuff for the new camera. *snort*

Jolene George said...

I LOVE how you spent your weekend alone. Infact I would love a weekend like that for myself. I haven't sat to watch movies for a long time. I do watch tv everyday, but movies not so much.

Rachel said...

I love PJ days. Everyone needs one occasionally.
I also thought Walk the Line was great! And I'm wondering how you are just now watching ET?!?

Melissa said...

Rachel - when ET came out, I never saw it in the theater, and I just never got around to seeing it on video! No one can believe I was alive when it came out, and have survived for over a quarter of a century without seeing that movie.