Friday, July 18, 2008

On gaining information that has no use whatsoever

I love my little hairdresser.

Really, I do.

And I call her "little," because, well, she is a smallish person, but also because I've known her since she was knee-high to a duck's tail. And because she's several years younger than I am. And because, though she's about to celebrate her third wedding anniversary, I doubt I'll ever really think of her as an "adult," in much the same way that my siblings will probably always be "kids" in my eyes.

Oh, but she's great. She does a fantastic job on both my hair and Anna Marie's, and I'm such a doofus that never makes appointments six whole weeks in advance and she always squeezes me in when I call at the last minute.

But really, did she have to inform me that I had some "gray highlights" when I got my hair cut today?

"Gray highlights."


And she said it in the nicest possible way - kind of like, "Aw, you've got gray highlights!"

Like they're cute or something.

People, I'm about to turn 32 in less than three weeks.

That moves me slowly through the "early 30s" territory and has me staring down the loaded end of "mid-30s."



Before you know it, I'll be in my "late 30s" and then my "early 40s" and then, well, it's anyone's guess what happens after that.



Looks like me and Miss Clarol are about to become real chummy.


Amanda said...

I've got 'em too, sister, and I'm a bit younger than ya!

doodlebugmom said...

I was in my early 30's when I discovered my first grays,too. My son, who was about 6, was in the back seat on the way to church.

He said "Mom, why do you put those white strips in your hair like that?"

yikes. (I use nice and easy)

Lissete said...

ROFLMAO! Gray Highlights! Never heard it put so nicely! Welcome to the club. I started coloring in my arly 30's to cover up those "highlights"!

Rachel said...

My sister pulled a gray hair out of y head last week! The sad part is I'm already very chummy with Miss Clairol. Just tonight I met a girl that used to go to my church. She asked me if I was the girl that sings. I said "yes, that's me". Then she said, "didn't your hair used to be blonde? ...and really short?" Yep, that's me. My hair is ever changing and yet a gray hair has found a way emerge. I of course came home and colored my hair the next day. It's been 6 six weeks...I think!

Valerie said...

i am TOTALLY younger than y'all, and i started getting 'em when i was 19.
that ain't right. for you or for me.