Friday, February 20, 2009

Meet K•9!

Dude. We did it.

And it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be - MUCH less complicated than the recent Reading Fair fiasco.

I put together the internal structure - a Capri Sun box, opened to make a rough triangle, with cereal box cardboard covering the bottom and front and back openings; an oatmeal box for a head; and a toilet paper roll for a neck.

(And also an old makeup brush handle for a tail)

Here is the original:

He's Doctor Who's canine companion, who now lives with Sarah Jane (one of the Doctor's former companions). Anna Marie first saw him on The Sarah Jane Adventures, a Doctor Who-type show geared towards kids. She LOVES that show, and she can't wait for the new season to begin.

(Her dad has turned BOTH of us into sci-fi geeks, I suppose.)

And here is our version:

I explained to Anna Marie from the get-go that ours was not going to look like the original. We did the project on my bed, with the laptop showing the above original picture for reference. She was OK with the project, and its deviation from the norm.

We figure it'll be the only robot dog brought in today, and certainly the only one from a much-beloved British sci-fi show.

The only problem is, last night while we were searching for an image, she saw a radio-controlled model. Now, that's on her list - at $60!

Maybe I should've just made a Dalek instead. Maybe she wouldn't have thought them so cute!


Paige said...

Very cute. Was this a school project, or just for fun?

Susie Q said...

How cute!! Give that sweet red head a hug from me okay??


Melissa said...

Paige, it was a school project - supposed to be a science grade, but I don't quite know how building a robot from cardboard boxes and foil is teaching about science!

Irritable Mother said...

How fun that you did that project together!
Now, the $60 remote control version? You can just say that isn't in the budget, right?? LOL

wendy said...

That is a cute K-9! Love it.

Just read your post about someone saving your life. OH MY GOSH!!! Thank heavens that lady was there ... and have you noticed how a little bit of humor goes a long way to bring the blood back into your cheeks?
"You white girls ... " LOLOL!

Glad you are fine! Very very glad.

You take care of yourself, and take a teeny bit of advice from me: We're not allowed to exercise naked at the gym (to keep from overheating) ... but the lightest layers of clothes possible is what I go with when I work out (I only walk ... but even then I overheat.)

Good job joining the gym and working so hard on your health and weight.

You get an "attagirl" from me.

____Maggie said...
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____Maggie said...

Hi Melissa! I'm blog hoppin' and I noticed you have such a cute one! I had no idea you were so talented with cardboard and aluminum foil, too! ;D

I deleted the 1st comment due to lazy fingers!

Melissa said...

Maggie! How did I not know you had so many blogs?

You sly (blog)you!