Wednesday, February 04, 2009

It's 10 p.m. Do you know where your blog is?

Ok, so it isn't 10 p.m. It's more like 12:30 p.m. local, and I'm feeling the need for a nap because of the Chinese food I had for lunch.

(Why do we think that one type of ethnic cuisine is more sleep-inducing than another? Think about it - we blame it on Chinese, Mexican, Italian - I think they're all to blame. I think we just like to sleep once we eat. I think we need to adopt the Latin American practice of shutting the town down for two hours midday, so we can all take naps. But I digress.)

Dude, the Sickness, it is trying to come on strong in the Turner household.

Friday night, Anna Marie had an "episode" in the car, and by "episode" I mean "throwing up all over herself, the seat, the car mat, and one of her Webkinz.

In the parking lot of Kroger.

She had been complaining that she wasn't feeling well, and she wouldn't eat her dinner, and then the next thing I knew, bam - there she goes.

And at home. All night long.

The poor dear slept with a towel under her, and a trash can beside her. Old school style!

She recovered by Saturday night - longest 24 hours OF.MY.LIFE. So, we went to church on Sunday and then to the most awesomely awesome Super Bowl party at the home of our friends Brooke and Ron.

As I said in the RSVP email, the Turners might not even know who is playing, but we love food, and we love our Small Group peeps, so we were there!

If you're on Facebook, I was tagged by our hostess Brooke in some photos from that night. Look it up!

Monday morning, I had a board meeting to cover and I called Jason when it was over to see if he was back from his trip to Memphis yet.

He wasn't. And he asked if I could pick Anna Marie up from school when the time came, because he planned to go to bed when he got home.

Uh oh.

He did just that, too - while I was home eating lunch, he came in and went straight to bed. He didn't get out for the rest of the night, except for a few minutes later that night when I was coming home from another meeting, and he was trying to get Anna Marie to bed.

He did go to work yesterday, but on my way to take Anna Marie to school, I felt - nauseous.

And then I felt achy.

And so I took some Pepto, drank a diet Sierra Mist, and went on in to work. Not because I didn't have a sick day to take off, but because I had too much to do at the office.

After a couple of hours at work, I couldn't take it anymore and went home. I tried to rest for a few hours, but the city was working on a gas pipe two doors down, and it was LOUD.

I just did the best I could.

I did feel better after the rest and some ibuprofen, but I still felt kind of run down the rest of the day.

Fingers crossed - we all three seem to be up on our feet today. I can only surmise that the flu shot my employer so graciously provided me with at the beginning of the winter has helped me avoid the worst of whatever is going around.

I sure hope we're all well because - dude. Tomorrow night. Winter Jam.

I've been looking forward to this for months, and nothin's gonna keep me from my TobyMac.

After all, I saw the second Lord of the Rings movie through a full-blown case of the flu. Surely I can muddle through this concert with a little fatigue, right?


Paige said...

Fight the sickness. I've had two members of my family already have "it", and my son came home from school today. AARGH!

Jody & Billy said...

Dude - your blog always makes me chuckle. Really! A highlight in my day of three little boys for sure. Praying for your health and your date with Toby, I mean hope you have a great time at WinterJam.