Sunday, October 29, 2006

Family Fun Day!

Yesterday, we took Anna Marie to Family Fun Day at the auction where Dad, Mom, and Jason work. It was the first-ever, so we didn't know what to expect.

First, the kids went door-to-door in the offices, trick-or-treating. Anna Marie insisted that since we were inside the auction, it was safe for her to go on her own. I did get a bit nervous when she took longer coming around the corner than I thought she should have, but it turned out fine. She hung out with my Dad's assistant, Sheena, and her kids.

Then, we all went into the auction bay, which was decorated for the occasion. Anna Marie especially liked the "ghosts," which were really white balloons covered in white bags, hung from the ceiling fans.

There were basically three activities: fishing, a tatoo station (temporary, of course)and Pin Da Nose on Da Pumpkin (I'm not kidding - that's what it said - I guess it was a Brooklyn pumpkin.)

She was blindfolded.

She pinned da nose on da pumpkin. Well, velcroed really.

And she won a miniature Rubic's cube-type key chain for her trouble.

For lunch, we had hot dogs - really good, all beef hot dogs. They were really, really good - I haven't had a good dog in a long time.

If you notice, she's wearing her soccer uniform. That was her costume, partly because she'd had an 8:00 a.m. game and we didn't change her, and partly because her other costume - a leopard - had been in Amanda's floor board during a storm and her windows were down, so it was sopping wet. We didn't have time to wash and dry it before we had to leave for Family Fun Day.

They also had a pinata, and a costume contest. Unfortunately, Anna Marie was in the same division as some kid dressed like the un-dead, and he beat her.

Today Amanda came over, and we made Halloween cookies. That story is over on Anna Marie's blog (aren't you proud of me for updating it twice in one week?)

Tonight, we're going "church hopping." The local Methodist church has a fall festival, and then the Church of Christ has Trunk or Treat.

We're cancelling our Tuesday night Bible study, and handing out treat bags from our church to the kids in the neighborhood. We'll fill them with candy and toys, and put a sticker on the outside that says "Jesus loves you and so do we" and has the church name, number and address.

I'll probably make some chili or some such too, for those who come over to help make and give out the bags.

We also went to a carnival here in Senatobia on Friday night with Dad. Mom was out of town, and the rest of us went to ride the ferris wheel. It.was.freezing. We rode the wheel, and then Anna Marie rode the merry go round. While Jason, Amanda, and I went on the Tilt-a-Whirl (big mistake after eating Huddle House!) Dad took little AM on one last ride. He gave away his last two tickets, because it was so cold and we just couldn't take it anymore. I don't have any pictures, and, amazingling enough, I don't know if Amanda got any either. It was really dark, so it would've been difficult anyway.

So now we're just counting down the time until we get ready to go to the festivals. I'll have to change my little leopard into her spots, and try to get her to stay still long enough to draw some whiskers and a nose on her face with my eye liner.



Anonymous said...

holy frejoles...Anna Marie sounds SO much like neice adorable, headstrong tomboy princess. cannot wait to see pictures of the leopard!

Melissa said...

She was something else as that leopard, let me tell you.

And yes, that pretty much sums up her personality. This morning I was filling out the paperwork for her eye doctor appointment today, and one of the questions asked me to describe her personality.

I said she was outgoing, talkative, and active. Which I'm sure the eye doctor figured out, because she was at the "trunk or treat" church last night and got to meet little AM.

Mary said...

We've got a fall festival at church tomorrow night that I'm really excited about. Since I don't have kids, I don't get to do "kid stuff" very often. It is nice that the churches offer events to keep the kids safe.

And BTW, thanks for coming by my blog. It's always nice to see a new face!

Melissa said...

Hi Mary - enjoyed your blog.

We might not be members of the churches we visited, but everyone treated us really well. That's nice to know, since we could've been looking for a church home, and that would've helped us in that case.