Tuesday, October 17, 2006

If you take a kid to Oxford…

She's probably going to end up in the lap of a Nobel Prize winning author.

Acting very silly.

Or maybe, she'll just be investigating a British phone box.

Whichever. She will, however, have a really good time, except when she's complaining that her Aunt Manda is "wasting her time" taking pictures.

In Amanda's words, "You knew how I was when you married me."


Anonymous said...

holy frejoles...my darling niece told me on our last visit to her house that i "took too many pictures." kiss my butt, kid!
(i did, however, begin paying her a nickle for a photo shoot.)

Melissa said...

We have a deal with Anna Marie - the higher her level of cooperation during a shoot, the quicker we can get done and she can do something she wants.

I hope that was a nickle for the whole shoot - we take lots of pictures, and that could get expensive!