Wednesday, October 11, 2006

On a lighter note than yesterday …

This is the conversation Anna Marie and I had on our way home from church last night. She had told me during her Rainbows class that she was thirsty, and I got busy and forgot to get her a drink. I had to run by the bank and make a night deposit on the way home, and that's when she remembered she was thirsty.

AM: Mom, I'm thirsty.

Me: Oh, sorry! I forgot to get you a drink. We'll be home in a few minutes and I'll get you something.

AM: I want Sprite.

Me: We don't have any more Sprite. You'll have to drink something else.

AM (Crying!): Well, when my daddy took me to the auction yesterday [Jason took Anna Marie with him Monday when he had to go to the food service to get stuff for this week that he forgot to order] he got me some Sprite, and I threw it away, and I wish I wouldn't have, because I didn't know I would want Sprite today!

My poor, poor, little Sprite-aholic!

I tried to tell her all about the "bubbles" in the Sprite, and how that if she did save the Sprite the bubbles probably wouldn't be any good. It didn't seem to help her much.

We didn't have Sprite, but we did have Fresca, so she had some of that when we got home. And she was much better.


Anonymous said...

oooooh, Fresca. my daddy used to take me as a wee baron, to Triple A league ballgames and i would drink Fresca & eat a hotdawg.

Melissa said...

My sister has always been WAY into Fresca, but it seemed to be getting harder to find until they revamped the line last year. Long live Fresca!