Saturday, March 03, 2007

Happy Birthday dad!

That's my dad, holding Anna Marie on a family trip a couple of years ago.

Today is his birthday! He's 56 years old.

No, he isn't a biker, despite the do-rag. He does like motorcycles, and has owned a couple in his life. He wears the bandannas to protect the delicate skin of his bald head.

Love ya, dad.

Last night we traveled about 40 miles to meet him at an Italian restaurant he really likes. He was supposed to come there after he got off work, but as we pulled up, we realized the place had gone out of business.


Guess where we ended up. Go ahead. Guess.

Give up?

Cici's Pizza.


He really likes Cici's. It was his idea. He gets them to custom make his favorite pizza - tomatoes, onions, sausage, and green peppers.

So there we were - awash in a sea of noisy kids. It was great.

Afterwards, he wanted Cold Stone Creamery for dessert.

You'll never believe what happened next.

They were out of business, too!

We came back to my house, and ate a peanut butter pie (made with tofu, by the way) that my sister had made. Peanut butter is just about my dad's favorite thing in the whole world, so that worked out well. He doesn't even mind the tofu. Much.

He spent his birthday helping others - he looked at an electrical problem at my house, and then he went to get lumber for my aunt who just had a new manufactured home moved onto my parents' land.

That's my dad. Always helping every one else.

At supper time, he decided to go to Western Sizzlin. When we got there, the most wonderful thing happpened.

He got to eat for free!

Seems that if you come in on your actual birthday, they give you either a steak or a buffet for free. He decided on the steak.

So all in all, he had a pretty good birthday. I don't know what other folks got him, but I found him a clock shaped like a tire. He's a mechanic, so of course, he loved it. I don't know if mom will let him put in the house, though, or if it'll be relegated to his shop outside.

Let me say it again - Happy Birthday dad!


Lissete said...

Happy Birthday to your Dad! I LOVE, LOVE Coldstones! I haven't had it in a while since a little bowl is about 900 calories! EEEEKKKK!

Valerie said...

happy birthday, Melz' daddy!

and how the blankty-blank could Cold Stone go outta business?! that's like when we found out the local Krispy Kreme (with the lines at the counter AND the drive through)was closing. huh?!

Amanda said...

Hey, I put a few pictures from Friday night on my Flickr.

I didn't get Dad anything - besides my presence at his birthday dinner, a pie and I'm still riding that thing where his Christmas gift was me home safe from England.

Sheila said...

Happy Birthday to your dad! Sounds like he had a great birthday, with all his favorite foods, great gifts, and family! How nice he got to eat for free at Western Sizzlin!