Monday, March 26, 2007

A Wikipedia Meme

I got this one from Heather over at Desperately Seeking Sanity.

Go to Wikipedia and type in your birthday month and day only.

• August 6

List 3 events that occurred that day

• 1945 - World War II: the Atomic bombing of Hiroshima.
• 1984 - Pop star Prince releases Purple Rain, the album which would launch him to superstardom.
• 1997 - Microsoft buys $150 million worth of shares of financially troubled Apple Computer.

List 2 important birth days. (Besides mine?)

• 1809 - Alfred Lord Tennyson, English poet (d. 1892)
• 1928 - Andy Warhol, American artist (d. 1987)

List 1 death.

• 2004 - Rick James, American musician (b. 1948)

Holiday or Observance. (if any):

•Jamaica - Independence Day.

I was kinda bummed that I could only list two births, because there were LOTS of others - Lucille Ball, Eleanor Roosevelt, Robert Mitchum, and Jon Benet Ramsey. I actually already knew (thanks to Entertainment Tonight) that I share my exact birthday with Soliel Moon Frye - a.k.a. Punky Brewster.

Man, I'm such a sucker for these types of useless knowlege posts!


Heather @ Desperately Seeking Sanity said...


That puts my Richard Nixon to shame....

I LOVED Punky!!! I was Punky Brewster for more than one Halloween... :)

Your birthday Rocks!


Susie Q said...

I am a sucker for these things too...such fun to read.
And, by the way, I LOVED Robert Mitchum. : )

Lissete said...

I'll do this in a bit. Punky was a cute spunky kid!

Melissa said...

I wanted to be Punky too! And then when I found out we had the exact same birthday, I was stoked. Then I learned that she too had an ample bosom and had reduction surgery (which I haven't had) I felt we were separated at birth!

Melissa said...

Oh, and I forgot another birthday that's the same as mine - my Aunt Esther!

Sheila said...

I love reading and doing these things too! I'll do mine later on tonight, when I do my blog posting. Hmmm, wonder what MINE will say!?