Thursday, March 22, 2007

I am Miss Unoriginal today.

I was going to post a picture of myself wearing a SCARF in my HAIR (yes, I'm still Tragically Unhip, but with the prompting of Amanda and our Office Black Chick Felicia, I was trying to be less so).

But, I can't get a satisfactory picture. Not one that showcases my hair and does not make my face look odd. And yes, I know that the answer is to not hold the camera myself, but I tried the self-timer thing today, and it didn't work so well.

And so - I, ahem borrowed this idea from Sheila. I mean isn't that why people put stuff on their blogs? So people like me can copy it?

Two Names You Go By
1. Melissa
2. Mom

Two Things You Are Wearing Right Now
1. Skirt

Two Things You Have In A Relationship
1. Love
2. Trust

Two of Your Favorite Things To Do
1. Listen to music
2. Read

Two Things You Want Very Badly At The Moment
1. A different car
2. Did I mention I want a different car?

Two Pets You Had

1. Columbo
2. Pretty Kitty (I'm not kidding!)

Two People Who Will Fill This Out (Maybe)
1. Valerie
2. Linda

Two Things You Did Last Night
1. Played checkers with Anna Marie
2. Picked out my clothes for today

Two Thing You Ate Today
1. A banana
2. Cottage cheese (though not at the same time.

Two People You Last Talked To
1. Felicia, my office mate
2. Cathy, another coworker

Two Favorite Places
1. Home
2. Downtown Memphis

Two Things You're Doing Tomorrow
1. Work
2. Hopefully go to Moe's, because we do that nearly every Friday.

Two Longest Car Rides
1. Detroit
2. Anywhere with Anna Marie when she's cranky.

Two Favorite Holidays
1. Christmas
2. Thanksgiving

Two Guilty Pleasures
1. Chocolate
2. Ice Cream

Two Things That Make Me Laugh
1. Anna Marie
2. Flight of the Conchords

Two Things I Last Got In The Mail
1. A Redbook magazine
2. Some (very much unsolicited and unneeded) credit card offers

So now it's your turn.

Oh, what the heck. I'll show my big nosed self anyway. I took this picture this morning to send to Amanda, who, by the way, had about a foot of her hair chopped off for Locks of Love this week and looks fabulous.

(For the record, the rest of the outfit consists of a brown peasant skirt, a tan T-shirt, and an ivory cardigan.)

Although the 'do got Felicia's approval, I'm still on the fence about it.

Man, first I'm gonna "Mom my ride" and now I'm putting scarves in my hair.

A bellybutton ring can be the only next logical step.

Joking! Totally joking!


Lissete said...

I love it! You look great!

Valerie said...

it's totally cute!! you look completely adorable.

i wanna get my nose pierced, you do it, too! (peer pressure!!)

(talk about peer pressure - now you AND Linda are making me do the poll! sheesh! :o})

Wendy said...

Cute Cute! I have recently grown my hair out enough so that I can wear it up in a clip, felt funny, but everyone loved it.

So I say Go For It! (is that a really bad 80's word?) Oh Well!!

Melissa said...

Hey - I may have lost weight, but I still have enough of a belly to completely gross out any one who'd be doing the piercing. I'd have to do what some girls did when I worked at Walmart's jewelry counter in college - they bought the earrings (since they were pointy) and used some of the novacaine from their job at a dental office to numb their skin and do it themselves.

And about that nose ring - my allergies are too bad, and I'd be afraid to blow my nose !

Sheila said...

You look great! I love the scarf!
Congrats on the weight loss.
I loved your answers on the survey!