Sunday, May 13, 2007

Take one little girl

boa 2
Add some feather boas

boa 3

And look what you come up with.

boa 1

We were at Hancock Fabrics yesterday, and Anna Marie fell in love with the walls of boas. She asked me to take her picture.

When I took the camera out of my purse, the battery door (which barely stays shut as it is, because it's been dropped a couple times, both in this life and its previous life as Amanda's) popped open and I nearly lost one of the batteries under a pattern table.

Good thing Jason got me to order this for my Mother's Day present:


It won't be here until sometimes this week, but just knowing it's coming is a comfort.

It's from HSN, and it's on Flex Pay. We'll have to eat sandwiches a little more often, but that's OK by me. I also may be selling one of our extra cars, so that money can go for the camera.

We had a good day today - after church, we went to the local college cafeteria for lunch. I know, it sounds odd, but it's really, really nice. It's the last Sunday it will be open for the rest of the summer, so we thought we'd go while we could.

Then, we went to Mom's house, and now Anna Marie is spending the night. Mom is house sitting for my Aunt Debi, because she's in Texas attending a cousin's funeral. Mom had some other family obligations, so she stayed behind.

Anna Marie made me some presents yesterday at our town's MayFair celebration - a heart-shaped magnet with a butterfly made from her thumbprints, and a bear-shaped bookmark. She also made me a card that said "I love you mom, 1000%!" and had a "portrait" of me.

(Actually, she made the card twice - she couldn't find the first one, so she reproduced it this morning. Then she found the original, and said "Is it OK if you have two cards?")

I never realized until today how great those homemade gifts from your kids make you feel. I don't even care about the camera - her crafts are the real treasure.

So for all you mothers out there - and those who "mother" others - Happy Mother's Day.


Lissete said...

Those pictures are fabulous! I need a new camera too. I'm not liking my Sony much.

Sheila said...

I love those pictures of Anna Marie with the boas - so colorful! No wonder she wanted you to take her picture! :)
Yes I agree - homemade gifts from our kids are the best. You can't put a price on them. I have every one that my kids made me over the the years packed in a special keepsake memory box.

Jolene George said...

I love the pictures of her in the boas...really cute! I love homemade kid gifts. They are so special. Enjoy that new camera when it comes.

Valerie said...

she is sto stinking cute!! i think you may need to throw her a "glamour" party for her next birthday!!

Susie Q said...

Oh my gosh but she is adorable! Great pictures...the colors, Anna Marie's smile. Great model!

Loving that camera too. You are gonna have a blast with it.

The handmade gifts are the best...always. They become the treasures you will never part with.

Happy Mom's Day....have a sweet week.


Melissa said...

My camera shipped today (Tuesday!) but it's coming from Canada. Canada! What are they thinking?

Man, I haven't ordered anything that I've had to wait for in a while, and this is driving me up the wall.

That, and the smell of Popeye's chicken coming from the cubicle next door. Popeye's! And I had cottage cheese and fruit for lunch!

Melissa said...

Oh, and thanks for the compliments on The Kid. Valerie, the glamour party would work, except most of her cousins and friends are boys. And while I don't mind her playing with trucks, most moms of boys don't like the idea of their sons prancing around in feather boas!

Amanda said...

When the new camera comes in, does that mean my services are no longer required?


That camera is nicer than the one I was thinking it was.

Melissa said...

Hey, I might be getting a better camera, but I still don't have the "eye" for photography. And, this camera doesn't have aperture controls, so it won't be quite as nice as your stuff.

And, I'm a real dolt. It isn't coming from Ontario, Canada. It's coming from Ontario, California. I saw the "CA" and assumed Canada, but completely ignored the "US" after it.

Rachel said...

Fantastic pictures!! Very cute.

Steff said...

Those are such sweet pictures! We had a Hancock's in my old hometown but it closed up. I think fabric and craft stores are such fun places. :)