Tuesday, May 29, 2007

The tragically unhip Turners

Now with bandannas!

No, we haven't joined the Crips or the Bloods. Even though my uncle, who recently retired from teaching at an inner-city high school in Memphis, asked if I was given any problems when I bought these.

Um, no. I don't guess the folks at Dollar General in Senatobia were too suspicious of me and a little red headed girl.

(Unlike the people at the Atlanta airport, who thought a nine-month-old Anna Marie and I were terrorists because we'd bought a one-way ticket. And made me miss my flight. So that we had a two-hour layover waiting for the next flight. And I didn't have a stroller because I thought we wouldn't be there long. But I digress.)

It was all in the spirit of Memorial Day, and I might add, Jason only wore his for the purposes of this picture.

Did I mention Anna Marie LOVES bandannas? They're so multi-functional. Not only do they enable her to be a rock star (like the Naked Brothers Band on Nick) they also double as capes.

Very handy.

And! And! Anna Marie had her first non-immediate-family sleepover last night! She was playing with my cousin's daughter, Savannah, and Savannah didn't want her to go home, and neither did my aunt (Savannah's Gandy). So, she stayed.

(She insisted on having the can of Sprite in the picture.)

No, I didn't call to check on them, because I figure that if she wasn't thinking about us, and I called, and she "remembered" us, it might upset her.

I guess everything went OK, because they didn't call me to come get her in the middle of the night.

Jason had to go to the auction today, even though the sale was moved to tomorrow, because he needed to get his food order. I sent him with some clean clothes, and he's going to pick her up in a few minutes.

I guess if she needed to have her first "sleepover," my aunt's house was as good a place as any.


Sheila said...

Love the bandana pictures! All you need is some curly hair in the back, and you'll have a "Sanjaya hairdo"! (If you watched American Idol, you'll know what I'm talking about! ;)
Congratulations on Anna Marie's first sleepover! The first of many, I'm sure! My kids LOVE their sleepovers!

Melissa said...

Oh, Jason just called from my aunt's house, and she's not coming home yet! My aunt said she'd bring her home tonight, because they were playing so well together.

And, she didn't ask for us at all last night! I don't know whether that makes me happy or sad!

Sheila, over at mamapop.com, they coined a new exclamation - "Sweet Sanjaya!" Maybe you could start using it, as in:

"Sweet Sanjaya! That was a great cup of coffee!", or

"Sweet Sanjaya! I sure do love to watch American Idol!"

I think you get the picture.

Lissete said...

Love the pictures! Esecialy the one of the 3 of you!

Valerie said...

she is too stinking cute - bandana or no!!

Melissa said...

Thanks girls! When I came home from work tonight, I came in the back door and she bounded into the kitchen.

"Do you have any blank cards?"

"I might. Why?"

"I need to send Aunt Galena one."

"Oh, that's really nice."

Then I went into the living room.

Four bags from the Dollar Tree, stuffed full.

The girls had gone shopping.

In her pocket - a ten dollar bill!

Next time, I'm spending the night with Aunt Galena.