Friday, May 18, 2007

WHYYYYYY? A live-blogging event until my camera arrives

(Or at least until my publisher gets here and I can't be on teh intarwebs anymore.)

Why did I have the thing shipped to my house, and not my office? WHYYYYY?

2:24 p.m. - It's not here. Or at least it wasn't a few minutes ago when I called home to talk to Amanda about The Office season finale she was over there watching (Best! Ever! OMG!) He picked up the phone and immediately said "No, it isn't here." UPS and HSN both claim it's out for delivery. Why hasn't someone invented GPS for tracking my purchases? I want to know EXACTLY where it is. Now! This very instant!

Guess I should've followed my gut and tackled the UPS man when I saw him at Captain D's during lunch.

2:43 p.m. - Still no change. How am I supposed to concentrate and finish my last article, knowing that somewhere, in the heat, riding around in a bumpy brown van, is my new camera? Huh? Between that, and the music coming from the cubicle next to mine, it's a lost cause.

(Now technically, this isn't liveblogging, because I'm having to backdate it a bit. My boss just left).

3:00 p.m. - No camera, and now the boss is here! Yikes!

3:20 p.m. - Jason just brought me the camera. Of course, the boss asked to see it. He was very impressed - maybe he'll order one for the office!

My first liveblogging experiment is now over. And, in a few minutes, my workday will be too - and I can get down to biz-nass with my new camera.


Lissete said...

Have her look out the door every 5 minutes! That's what I do! :) Only because my UPS guy drops & runs without ringing the bell! Hope it gets there soon, if it hasn't already!

Melissa said...

I would, except I know it isn't coming here. So I've been checking the UPS tracking site, to see if it says "delivered."

Valerie said...

let's talk about some stress!
thank heaven's you got it and i fully expect to see some new photos this weekend!