Tuesday, July 03, 2007

A 5-Star Update

(And you might be wondering why it's called the 5-Star Races. It's because Senatobia used to be known as the 5-Star City, those stars being Industry, Community, Agriculture, Recreation, and Education. Spells "I CARE." Clever, no?)


I was really useless for most of Saturday. I took a nap and everything, and Sunday my rear end hurt, along with my shins.

On Monday, Shirley, the president of the Optimist Club (sponsor of the race) and my co-worker, asked how I did. I told her that I'd gotten sick from the heat and had to stop, and she said there were more people complaining about the heat this year than ever before.

And the walk doesn't start until after 7:00 p.m., if that's any indication of how hot Mississippi is at the end of June.

So, I wasn't imagining things - it really was dangerously hot. I'm not crazy!

Did you notice AM's new glasses in the picture at the top of this post? They're Barbie brand, and I like them muchly. I'm also hopeful that they won't get bent as easily as the wire rimmed pair.

Here she is again, doing some strange pre-race ritual. Next to her in line is her Arch Nemesis, Peyton. With her dad. And I found out this week that the whole family runs on a regular basis.


And here is the picture my loving husband took of me, starting the race. Don't I look fly, in that bandanna? I forgot to bring a hair barrette to hold my locks back, and I found the bandanna in the car so I put it on.

(Click the picture to enbiggen. I think.)

(Incidentally, that fabric may have contributed to my overheating, by slowing down the heat exiting my head. Possibly. Maybe. That's my scientific assessment.)

I guess it goes to show, no matter how fly you look, it doesn't do a bit of good if your insides are cooking.


Valerie said...

you're right: it don't matter how good you look, when you're falling apart and sweating profusely, it's all bad.

Susie Q said...

Hey...I am so proud of you for running in this race!! And hey cool is AN? : ) You tell her that she looks totally cool and gorgeous in her new glasses and I LOVE the banner.
Just 'cause I am AM's fan club chairperson...: )

I hate sweating profusely...or confusely. Um...I just hate sweating.
Maybe THAT is why I am overweight! I need to work up a sweat? So that is how it is done. I gotta do that ...

Hugs to you all and happy 4th!


Lissete said...

So why is it that that Peyton kid is the only one with a personal coach behind her????

Happy 4th!

Heather @ Desperately Seeking Sanity said...

Ok seriously... i was just in Mississippi... and it is ... HOT... so I can totally understand where you're coming from... shoot... i'm just proud that you did it... it's too hot for me down there... i'm some what dreading my trip back in August....

Valerie said...

OK, and the other thing? Peyton's dad is (in my mind)telling her to win at all costs, and in the meantime, miss AM is centering her chi and ignoring all distractions.

i, on the other hand, would be thinking of ways to trip the little punk.

or am i bitter?