Tuesday, July 24, 2007

My husband has turned me into a SciFi geek.

And I'm not afraid to admit it.

Well, maybe I am. Just a little.

While we were dating and first married, he would talk on and on about a show called "Doctor Who." It came on his local PBS affiliate when he was growing up, and he thought it was the best show EVER.

So, after we got married, I got him a gift certificate to ebay for some occasion (which I'd forgotten and needed something quickfastinahurry) and he used it to buy a DVD.

A Doctor Who DVD.

He explained that there had been many, many Doctors over the last 40 years or so. This disk starred Tom Baker, who was Jason's favorite.

I didn't really see the appeal. It was cheesy. It was lame. It had poor production values.

He continued to build his Tom Baker collection through different DVD clubs.

Then, the BBC brought it back. In England. Not here.

Jason actually wrote the BBC, to ask why we couldn't get any of their channels on our satellite service. They (the cheeky monkeys) responded that they gave us BBC America. Wasn't that good enough?

No, apparently. Not for my husband. He was distraught.

Then, the SciFi channel (maybe one of Jason's favorite channels, beloved for their movies about overgrown insects and lab-mistake reptiles) started showing the new series.

I was marginally interested. It starred Christopher Eccleston.

I thought he was the best. I hoped they'd keep him for a while.

Then, there was a situation and they needed a new doctor. Enter David Tennant.

I am now officially hooked.

SciFi has just started showing the second season with him as The Doctor. I hadn't seen the season finale, so I was unsure what had happened to his companion Rose.

(Oh, did I mention her? She was delightful too. Apparently one in a long line of female companions. Possibly there for the 45-year-old men who live in their mom's basement and attend SciFi conventions.)

So, Netflix to the rescue. I just finished the two-part season finale. (Yes, I'm at work. I can multi-task. Just don't tell The Man.)

Ohmanohmanohman. Those are probably two of the best written episodes of television I've ever seen.

Keep in mind, I'm not a big devotee of any particular show. Except The Office. And My Name is Earl. And Ugly Betty.

(Good thing we have a DVR, as all three of my favorite shows are on simultaneously.)

And now, apparently, Doctor Who.

I hear that BBC America is now showing last season (Tennant's first). I highly recommend watching. (Did I just do that? Did I just tell someone to watch a science fiction show?)

What hath Jason wrought?


Valerie said...

you've become...ONE OF THEM.

i may not be able to be seen with you any more. but! you live in m-i-s-s-i-s-s-i-p-p-i and i'm in kalefornyah, so i think we're cool.

whilst on SciFi, have you ever watched Dead Like Me? totally cool and freaking funny show!

Jolene George said...

My husband loves scifi, so I've been sucked in as well.
I can't believe your were carded for cold medicine! crazy!

Amanda said...

David Tennant=!!!!!!!!!

Have even HEARD his real accent yet?!

Melissa said...

No, Amanda, but I think it did slip out a little in a recent episode.

And by the way, the other day Amanda said, and I quote:

"David Tennant is the best person EVER."

Guess I've been dethroned.

Sheila said...

I never really got into sci-fi, but I know how popular Doctor Who is. It used to come on right after MY favorite BBC show on PBS - "Monty Python's Flying Circus"! LOL.
(and you're lucky to have a DVR, I still have a VCR!) I feel like I live in the dark ages!