Thursday, July 12, 2007

Official Thursday Weigh-In

Slow ride. Take it easy.

No, I don't know the name and/or artist associated with that song. It's just stuck in my head.

Possibly because that's what my weight loss has been - a slow ride.

This week, I didn't lose anything. Anything measurable, at least.

And that's OK. Because you know what I did this week? Treated myself to some YUMMY Sara Lee Lemon Ice Box Pie at the auction as my reward for getting up at the crack of dawn and putting up with rude, ungreatful people.

(Who don't appreciate a full meal [entree, vegetables, bread, dessert, drink, salad bar] for $2. Because that's what the employees pay. Two bucks. And then they complain that they get there 15 minutes before we shut the line down and we haven't made more of whatever-the-heck it is they want.)

(Gah - this has to be the LONGEST Official Thursday Weigh-In post ever.)

So, 159. Again.

Not a problem. Nosiree Bob. Not a problem at all.


doodlebugmom said...

I think you look totally awesome at 159!

Hmm, SaraLee Lemon Ice Box Pie, sounds yummy!

Valerie said...

it is Slow Ride, and it was Foghat.
'way before your time.

but not before mine. *sigh*

and i agree with Linda wholeheartly - YOU look GREAT!!!

Mom2the5rs said...

Miss you on the blog! I added a link to your blog on the sidebar tonight. Sorry I have been a bit MIA...I will be trying to put more of "me" into the blog.


Melissa said...

Oh, Jules, I've been reading but I haven't had time to contribute (or even comment) much - and I've been feeling just awful about it. Thanks for visiting over here, and I'll try to be a better blogger!