Monday, July 16, 2007

Dang, am I tired.

What a weekend.

Y'all, we had a yard sale Saturday. Seriously.

If any of you had been in the North Mississippi area, you could've had some of my stuff! And some of my mom's!

And some free lemonade (TIPS ARE APPRECIATED!) from Anna Marie. (She made about a buck. Not many takers, and not many tippers.)

(And we even tried to sell the Amazing Technicolor Dream Van, but the battery was dead. So Jason boosted it off to get it to the front of the house. And then when we went to move it again, the battery was dead again. And he flooded it trying to get it boosted again. So he just pushed it back into the back yard.)

In case you didn't know, yard sales are lots of work. And since I'd been at home by myself for most of the past week, I wisely left most of that work until Jason got home.

Because no way was I squandering my precious alone time on yard sale work. I can do that with the two of them at home. I can't veg out on the couch with them here.

We set the sale for 8 a.m. I got up at 6 a.m. to start setting up.

People were here by 6:30. It was crazy. And a little annoying.

We sold a good bit of stuff, but not some of the bigger stuff we'd hoped for - like Jason's massive computer desk. Because he doesn't need such a big one. Because he bought two flat-panel monitors to replace the big, clunky monitors he'd had.

(And that was the impetus for the sale - to make enough to pay for the monitors. We got about 1/3 of the way there.)

That desk is so heavy, I almost would've given it away to keep from having to take it back into the house. We got it for free from my office when we got new furniture a couple of years ago. It's a regular office desk, and God only knows how much was paid for it.

And now, there is a wide expanse of space between the edge and those monitors. And I know, I just know, that soon it will be cluttered. And I'd rather have a smaller desk, so that there will be less expanse to clutter.

And did you realize, did you realize, that after a yard sale, you have to take that stuff you didn't sell and do something with it? Like put it back into your house? Crazy.

I needed Neicy from Clean House to tell us to put it on a charity truck. If we had charity trucks in Senatobia. Which we don't. We have charity, but you have to truck it over there yourself.

On the bright side, the office is the cleanest room in the house right now. Probably because everything that usually makes it cluttered is in MY DINING ROOM.

But, before I put Anna Marie to bed last night - because, did I mention, she has to get on a schedule because school starts in three weeks? And I'm panicking at the thought of that? - Jason told her that they were going to get serious about cleaning the house today.

And she had the nerve to ask, "Why?"

Because if they don't, we won't be able to find our way out of the house to take her to school.

Which might not be such a bad thing after all.


Lissete said...

I have said that I would have a garage sale to get rid of all our crap (good stuff, really!). But a) I refuse to be out in the heat and b) I refuse to wake up at 6 AM on a weekend! :) Try craigslist for what's left.

doodlebugmom said...

Have you tried calling the charity place? If you have a good sized pile, they might pick up.

I used to do the garage sale thing, too much work! The second hand store is right across the street from where I work. Too handy not to drop off things now and them.

Steff said...

School starts in THREE weeks? Ohmygoodness...where did her summer go? We don't start until August 27.

I completely understand what you're saying about the garage sale. We had one last weekend and while we did well it was a lot of work...seriously...a lot of work!

Donna Boucher said...

Just tell me you made more than $75 dollars. Cause I have the worst garage sales and NEVER make more than that...and it just doesn't seem worth it!

Around here...
they pick up.
So the stuff never comes back in the house :o)

Susie Q said...

We had a garage sale 2 years ago and it was a major amount of work for the cheapest people I had ever met! I had already marked everything so low and it was great stuff! (just not needed by us anymore)
Ever since then I have just been donating to Goodwill. They need it and I can not stomach the idea of another sale. *laugh* And they will come hours early too!!

Any if the charities will come cart it away for you so you do not have to!

I cannot imagine how anyone could bypass AM!!! I can't pass by any child selling anything but to by pass AM is awful. That sweet face...and no tips? What is wrong with people!


Valerie said...

naah. home school.

i like the cash i can make from a yard sale, but like you, i'm tired of all the work.

Sheila said...

I know all too well the work involved in a garage or yard sale. I've had a few in the past, and I won't do any more. I put really low prices on things (nice things) and people STILL want to get it lower. I end up not selling more than I sell, and for NOT a lot of money - for all that work.
So now I sell stuff on ebay, or craigslist, or just box it up and have Goodwill, Salvation Army, or Amvets pick it up - or I drop it off.