Wednesday, October 24, 2007

I've discovered the answer to my weight-loss woes.

Plastic surgery!


If I could afford it, I'd go under the knife.

Jason and I were watching one of those medical shows the other night - the kind he is obsessed with, and I just tolerate - and I had an epiphany.

There was a man who'd had gastric bypass surgery, and had lost 160 pounds in one year. Naturally, he had lots of loose skin left. So he had a tummy tuck and something done to his chest (whatever that might be called.)

The doctor told his wife that they'd taken off 20 pounds of skin.

20 pounds!

That's what I have left to lose - and even though I didn't lose this weight overnight, I bet I've got 20 pounds of skin hanging around here somewhere!

I mean, getting my boobs lifted should take care of at least 10, and then there's that "dunlap" (you know, my belly dunlapped over my belt). That'd be good for another 10, I'm sure of it.

Not to mention my upper arms - man, I could come in under goal!

Now, to get a second job to pay for it all…


Lissete said...

I soooo want to get stuff done too! I would love to get vacuumed! Plus now, they even do it with lasers! Extreme Makeovr here I come!

Susie Q said...

Bill says he will never allow it!! What the heck does he know! He likes me! Dummy...

Now, I want you to know the picture you posted scared me. Really. MJ has that effect on me. I am shivering and may have bad dreams now. Poor me. Maybe if I eat some chocolate I will feel better. Yes, that is what I need.

And you wonder why I am fat??? : )


Valerie said...

shahhhh. don't EVER put his picture up there again.

scared the beejeebers outta me.