Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Yet another food review

It must seem like all I do is eat.

And blog.

But most days, I really do get things accomplished. Productive things. Things that escape my memory for the moment, but I'm sure they're there somewhere.


Time for another installment of Melissa's Product Reviews. In the past, I've talked about Van's Egg Rolls, and Diet A&W Root Beer, and Boca.

This time, it's green tea.

Lipton Green Tea with Mandarin Oranges. In a cute little pyramid-shaped bag!

I was in Wal-Mart this morning to pick up something for lunch (I have a book club meeting at noon) and I remembered that we also needed bread at home. And on the bread aisle is the tea. And in the tea section is this stuff. And I was in need of some green tea. So I left the store with some.

After paying, of course. I'm tempted to say too much ($3.14 for 20 bags) but this is good stuff.

Really, really good stuff. Especially for someone who lives in a sort of good-stuff-free parallel universe.

With whole leaves of tea, and bits of dried citrus fruit. When you put the tea bag in hot water, what was a sad little collection of floatsam and jetsam at the bottom springs forth into life, and suddenly the whole bag is filled with lovely tea leaves.

I'm trying to drink more green tea. For one, I like it. For two, it's supposed to have all sorts of good-for-you properties, not the least among them is an increase in metabolism.

And we can all use a bit of that, can't we?

So, I give it, um, what kind of rating system can I use?

How about snaps, as in Pea Snap, Anna Marie's nickname?

Ok, on a scale of one to five, I give these tea bags five snaps!

Oh, snap!


Susie Q said...

Ooh! I must get some! It sounds wonderful!

Pea Snap is adorable!! I love it!

I am so glad the box arrived!! Believe me, you may have as much fun helping her get started in Webkinz World as she does! I am ashamed to admit that I did! : ) Nah...not really...I LOVED it!

Have a sweet, green tea filled day!


Melissa said...

Sometimes it's hard to admit when we enjoy "playing" as much as (or sometimes more than) they do, isn't it?

Anna Marie became Pea Snap almost before she became Anna Marie. My mom was there in the delivery room, and they had her all bundled up in a blanket where all you could see was her little round head. And my mom said, "She's Gramma's little Pea Snap!" The name stuck, and now mom and Jason have taken it for their catering company - Peasnap Catering. I designed a logo complete with a pod of peas!

Steff said...

Can you make it with cold water or just as hot tea? I don't really like tea, but it's sort of growing on me as that is all there is at work.

Oh, and just what are your feelings about Diet A&W rootbeer? I love the Diet Cream Soda!

Melissa said...

I don't know if you could make it cold, but I'm betting you can. I guess you'd have to steep it just like hot tea, maybe with less water than you'd normally use, and then pour it over the ice. The extra water would come from the melting ice.

I LOVE Diet A&W! I think it's the best diet root beer around. And it doesn't hurt that the 20 oz. bottles are cool looking, either. I do have a bit of a hard time finding it, but one of our grocery stores (not Super Wal-Mart where I usually shop! Grr!) usually has them, as does a couple of our gas stations.

I've never had the "fresh brewed" kind from the restaurants, because we only had an A&W in Memphis for a brief time. I'm sure it'd be even better.

Irritable Mother said...

OK, I am NOT a tea drinker, but the way you describe this product you could almost get me to try it. Almost! LOL

Melissa said...

Maybe I've missed my calling, and instead of writing about public meetings, I could be writing product reviews - from the comfort of my own home!