Thursday, October 25, 2007

Official Thursday Weigh-In

You know, a few weeks ago my friend LaJuan (who recently joined WW) told me I needed a new ringtone.

I've been using Brick House ever since I moved here and got a new phone, nearly five years ago.

It's been monophonic, polyphonic, and, for the past few years, the real deal.

My ringtone has grown up along with the cell phone industry.

Anyway, she pointed out to me that I am no longer built like a "brick house" and therefore a change in tone was necessary.

(Well, technically, I'm still "Mighty Mighty" but I try to no longer "let it all hang out.")


Tonight, I finally did it.

No, not the ringtone change. Well, yes I did, but more on that later.


I lost 1.5 this week, to take me down to 156.5 and a total of 80.5 pounds lost!

What's more, I haven't had a gain in about a month!

I actually thought I'd never make it. I wanted to be here in June, but it just wasn't to be.

But I'm here. And it feels good.

Oh, back to the ringtone.

I'm every woman . . .

It actually goes back to my college days, when it was cool among my set to put a song on your outgoing message. Jason and his roomate had If I Were a Rich Man and then said that if they were rich men, they could afford a secretary, but they were poor college students, so this machine would have to suffice.

And I, I had this song - and then informed my callers that while I might very well be every woman, and it (whatever "it" is) might be all in me, I was not omnipresent and so could not be there to answer my phone and wherever I was at the same time.

(I was such a smart alek back then - it's a wonder I had any friends to call at all.)


Valerie said...

Melissa totally ROCKS!!!!

good for you - i am totally proud of you and all you've done!

Paige said...

That is wonderful for you! congratulations!

I like pushing daisies, too. What a weird premise. I've only watched one, but I've got another one or two waiting for me, when I get the time.

Steff said...

That is great! Congratulations. I know you've worked so hard for it. :)