Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Just checking in . , ,

Who knew getting three folks ready to go to the beach for three days could be so difficult?

Not me.

I haven't had to pack for a trip with this bunch since Thanksgiving. And this time, we'll have four people in our four-seater car (instead of three) so I have to be extra special careful about using our space wisely.

Jason used to have a rule that before we left on a trip, the house had to be clean.

I say "used to," because somehow, that rule has flown out the window - maybe one day soon, it'll take the "clean the car out every time you get out of it" rule with it. I really hate that one.

Did I mention - both Tom Jones and Usher are performing at the hotel on Thursday night! Not that I have tickets for either, but the potential for random meetings is there, all the same.

(And did you know - someone tell me if this is true or not - I heard today that Tom Jones insured his chest hair, like with Lloyds of London or something?)

Well, break time is over - back to packing.


Valerie said...

ewww. chest hair insurance.
oh well, if Mary Hart can insure her gams....

wonder if Dolly Parton has ta-ta insurance?

Irritable Mother said...

I like the house to be picked up (which isn't necessarily the same thing as "clean") before we leave, too. Just because re-entry is stressful enough, without walking into a mess.
Hope you have a great time!

Susie Q said...

I too always want the house cleaned up so I can come home to a nice house and not have THAT worry when we return. But, since Dan is usually here while we are away, the kitchen and the upstairs bath (Not to mention HIS room)
is always a mess! How do these men do this?? : )

Have a wonderful time okay?? Pictures! Take pictures!