Wednesday, June 04, 2008

What does vanity get you?

A hair dryer that catches on fire when you turn it on, that's what.

I had to resort to the wee tiny travel dryer, and up next to my super-charged ionic model, it was hardly a match.

Guess I'll be stopping in at Target tonight after church to spy out new models.

In other, more interesting news, read about Anna Marie's latest adventures with her Aunt Manda here.

Everyone needs an Aunt Manda!


Valerie said...

i HATE it when hairdryers take a leap off the building...especially when you're trying to get ready for work, dadgumit.

and i want an Aunt Manda, too!!

p.s. - thank you sooo much for the text message this a.m., just exactly what i needed!

wendster said...

Just went to Aunt Manda's blog and looked at all the great pics and read the post.

Too cute! That was so nice of AM's auntie to let her make a list and do what she wanted to for the afternoon.

Aunt Manda sounds like a charm.


p.s. I also hate when our hair stuff gets STOLEN. I took my curling iron to a seminar at a hotel, curled my hair, left my hot iron in an obscure location in the bathroom to cool, came back for it and it was GONE!!! And it didn't get turned in either. Dang thieves. Dirty bounders! They probably set your hair dryer on fire too. They do stuff like that.


Jolene George said...

Wow Fire!
My hair dryer is on it's last leg. It sounds not so good and the heat is pretty much gone. Even with thin crappy hair it takes too long to dry. Looks like I need to stop by target as well.

Rachel said...

I'm on my 4th hairdryer this year! Just had to but numbrer 4 this week.I'm convinced they simply don't make them like they used to.