Thursday, January 01, 2009

I want a Wii!

(Oh, and Happy New Year, blah, blah, blah.)

Last night our Sunday School class had a party, and someone brought their Wii.

And they hooked it into the big projector screen in our Sunday School room (which used to be the sanctuary).

And we played Wii for nearly three hours.

And now, I want one!

I know I'm late on the Wii bandwagon, but this thing was totally different from any video game I'd ever experienced. Not only was it fun to play the games, it was fun to watch the games being played!

The nice Wii lady had just gotten the Wii Fit, so we played soccer, and a game where we had to put balls through holes in floors, and a tightrope game, and bowling, and other fun stuff.

We even got Jason in on the action - he and our Sunday School teacher played in a bowling tournament with another girl and myself. I don't know when I've had so much fun!

So now, I'm developing a plan. I figure if we can save a little bit of money each week, eventually we'll have enough to buy one - say, around this time next year.

My mind is made up - I'm getting a Wii!


Hendrick Family said...

Yes! You need one! They are so much fun...and you can punch people. Talk about a stress reliever!


Lissete said...

I love Wii!
Especially m WiiFit....except for when it calls me fat!

Rachel said...

I LOVE playing the Wii (and I stink at normal video games). I don't have my own but have friends and family with them.

Paige said...

Good plan. It is hours of fun.