Friday, January 23, 2009

Official "Thursday" Weigh-In

Good morning! I really should make posting this more of a priority, but gosh almighty, it's very hard.

On Thursday nights, at least the nights when I don't have to go back to work, here is how my evening rolls out:

• The WW meeting gets out around 7 p.m., sometimes a little later.
• I get home a few minutes later, and eat dinner.
• While eating dinner, I have to also get Anna Marie ready for bed.
• I put her to bed.
• I get her lunch money/test folder ready for the next day, and load the coffee maker.
• There may be some laundry or other housework involved, too.
• I eventually collapse in a heap on my bed, and watch TV until I can't hold my eyes open and Jason takes the cue to turn it off.

Exciting life, no?

Anyway - I gained a pound this week, which brings me up to, what, 148.5, which is dangerously close to 150, which is within a hair's breadth of 200!

Or something like that.

I don't really have time to ponder the specifics of what all that means right now, so I'll leave the deep thinking up to you guys.

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