Friday, January 02, 2009

What is God hiding?

A few weeks ago, our pastor preached a sermon called "What is God hiding?"

The gist of it was the same as one of my college professors had said: if God told you ahead of time what you'd be doing (and facing) in the future, you'd run far, far away.

Instead, He lets us be prepared, little by little, for what He has for us to do - and the challenges life hands us.

Think about all the things that have happened in 2008. If I'd known at the beginning of the year that I'd lose two uncles in December, I'd have spent the whole year dreading that month.

If I'd known that Jason was going to take over operations of the cafeteria during the summer, I'd have been freaked out WAY longer than I already was.

How would I have handled knowing that my dad was going to suffer a stroke in January, and then all of the fallout from that - physical, emotional, and financial?

Who could have known that in February our church would close down, and we'd find ourselves finding a new place to worship? If you'd have told me last New Years Eve that I'd have spent this New Year's Eve playing Wii with my Sunday School class, I would not have believed it.

2008 was the year that I covered my first murder trial, that Anna Marie got baptized and learned to tie her shoe, and that a raccoon took up residence in my attic.

Life is unexpected, and as we enter this new year, I can't wait to see what God is hiding - the good and the bad. We can't have the good without the bad, as the saying goes.

And I'm glad to know that I'll have all of you out there in Blogland as we watch this year unfold together.


Valerie said...

i agree. while i so wanna know what's going to happen next, i so don't.

Mel said...

Boy, isn't that the truth!