Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Shenanigans and goings-on

Oh my word, people. I'm going to to have to get a thermometer to hang around my neck, so I can justify to folks when I say I'm FREEZING.

Some people need hard, empirical data, you know. They just won't take my word for it that it's blue cold, even indoors. ESPECIALLY indoors.

I'm pretty sick of winter already, y'all. And really sick of having to sit indoors bundled up in my wool coat. Especially at restaurants. And at work. And at church.

And you know how people will say, "If it's this cold, we should at least get some snow!" This morning, we did actually get a few flurries. Emphasis on flurries. I think about five flakes hit my windshield as I was dropping Anna Marie off at school, but it had basically ceased by the time I got to work.

About that ball I attended on Saturday - I ended up wearing a pair of capri-length dress pants with my tall boots, thus rendering me slightly pirate-like in my demeanor.

I couldn't get Jason or Amanda to go with me, so I ended up taking my mom. Which was fine, really. She had never experienced anything remotely like that - lots of music, lots of ladies who obviously didn't check the mirror before they left the house (why else would they have let themselves hang out of their dresses that way?), and lots and LOTS of liquor.

LOTS of liquor.

The better to lubricate the live auction later, naturally.

The food was only so-so. The prime rib had apparently been held too long, and was no longer rare - rendering it no longer prime rib, but roast beef.

Dessert was king cake, and honestly, I wasn't impressed. Amanda had eaten some at a press convention several years ago, and was blown away - the kind of blown away you get where you can't stop thinking about a food.

I'm thinking that, unlike Amanda's king cake, mine just came from the Kroger up the street.

We ended up leaving about two hours into the evening. Mom wanted to bid on a couple of purses on the silent auction table, but that wasn't over until 10 p.m. and we didn't intend on being there that long.

I was glad that I got to take mom. She never gets to go to fancy events like that, and she got a free meal out of the deal - always a plus in her book! And we really don't get to do enough things together, just the two of us. And when we do, her cell phone is usually ringing constantly, interrupting us. Somehow, it was silent on Saturday night.

I don't know what my relationship with her is supposed to be like as an adult. As a child, there were so many of us children, and I was the oldest, so I was expected to be responsible for myself - and often several others too. Do we, as women, ever find a balance in our adult relationships with our mothers, and come to terms with our raising and how it has affected us?

I sure hope so.

And I hope that Anna Marie and I are successful in navigating those waters as time marches on.

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doodlebugmom said...

Treasure every moment with your mom, balance or not.