Thursday, June 04, 2009

Confession is good for the soul

I have a shocking confession to make.

I've only been to the gym twice in two weeks.

I know.

See, last week, I took Monday off since it was a holiday. And I went Wednesday. And then on Friday, my key wouldn't work.

My gym is open 24/7, and the only way to get in is with a bar code on a key fob. And even if folks there know you're a member, if your key doesn't work, they aren't supposed to let you in. And there's no staff there at 6 a.m. to answer questions.

So, humiliated, I left. And went to Walmart.

(At least I got some walking in, right?)

I was so furious! I was going to call and give someone a piece of my mind!

And then, about an hour later, I remembered - our bank had issued us new debit cards at the beginning of the month because of a "possible security breach." They gave us a couple of weeks to activate the new ones, and they deactivated the old ones.

And my bank draft for my membership was on the old card.

So, since it was too early to change that (no staff until 9 a.m.) I changed all the other things that were hooked to it - Netflix, The Grocery Game, a couple other things.

Man, I spend a lot of money each month without even thinking about it.

When the staff was in, I called and changed the number. But, I was frightened. What if I went, and it still didn't work?

Monday Jason got up to walk the dogs, and saw me still in my PJs sipping coffee, and said, "You didn't go to the gym?"

Nope. I was waiting until the staff was in, and trying my card again, so that if it didn't work I could have someone to talk to, I said.

Except, I didn't do that. And yesterday, when Anna Marie was at my mom's so I could have gone (Jason was at work), I didn't go. I walked the dogs instead.

(It isn't like I haven't been getting exercise, y'all. I am now the owner of two large dogs, and let me tell you, walking them is a real workout!)

And then, just as I was about to return them to their pen and feed them breakfast, Delta broke the leash and chased a little boy across the street. She's never done that, so I don't know what her deal was. I don't think she would've bit him, but it broke my heart to see the look of terror on his face! She stopped at the sidewalk, and I guess he turned the corner and hid.

I guess when I was leashing her, I'd hooked the clip to the small keychain-like ring that held her tags, instead of the big ring on her collar. When she bolted, she went one way, the ring snapped, and her tags went the other way. I spent about 15 minutes looking for those things!

But, this morning, my key worked. And I walked on the treadmill - I'm increasing my incline, to get a better workout in the same amount of time - and I was glad I did. I was getting out of the "habit" of going, but it felt really, really good to accomplish that this morning and get it out of the way.

No more laying out for a week for me! The guilt alone is enough to kill a body!

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Paige said...

If the key didn't work, then you didn't exercise through no fault of your own. You were trying!