Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Where has the summer gone?

It seems like school just let out a few days ago, and yet here we are nearing the end of June.


We published our Profiles issue today, which happens every June. And, the Five Star Races are Friday night! Time for those already! Anna Marie's age group has a 1/4 mile run, and I (foolishly) promised to take her to the park tonight to practice on the 1/4 mile track there.

In the middle of a heat advisory. Yay me!

Next week is the Fourth of July, and the next day Anna Marie leaves for camp in Oklahoma. When she gets back, she's leaving the next day for South Carolina, and then it's just a couple more weeks until school starts again.

Have mercy!

I guess just like Christmas comes earlier each year, so does the first day of school!

I'm just kind of dreading that the second half of this summer is going to pass by even more quickly than the first!


Rachel said...

It flies by for teacher's too! I spent the first week or so just hanging by the pool and doing lunch with friends. Then it was time to do a little traveling and visiting. Now I have a family vacation (oh yeah, a week with my mother...PRAY) then it's almost time for pre-planning! Uughhh!

wendy said...

Wow! Great new look here! New backgrounds ... new "do" for you and you ARE looking sharp, my friend!

Little things like four days without cooking float my boat too.

And little things you say, like, what am I carrying? AM's hand, the tote bag, the costumes ... (the planet) ... what is hubby carrying? The camera. HA. YOU CRACK ME UP. "Did I just mix metaphors again? Awesome!" ha again!

It's so fun that your husband cooks too. Sounds like he knows how to make burgers and much more. And good for you for taking Am to the quarter mile track even though it was hot.

you rock!

Sorry I've been a distant visitor. Lots going on at my house. Finally losing the house to eviction (due to financial situation), but feeling optimistic and seeing the blessings in it. Just busy.

Hey ... in case you hadn't noticed yourself, you are looking DANG skinny!

You go!

Rats. I think Tristan just pee'd the bed. And tonight he was in MY bed. Dang it. Oooooh childhood.