Sunday, June 14, 2009

It's 2 p.m. on a Sunday, and I'm still in my nightclothes.

No, no one is sick.

No, Hell didn't freeze over.

Yes, we did have a massive storm on Friday night, which knocked the power out to lots of places - including my church. We drove past yesterday, and a huge tree had fallen over onto the lines about a block up, snapping the power pole in half.

Like a huge toothpick.

So, while we could've gone all old-school and had church outside (a logistical nightmare, with 1,500 average attendees) I suppose, it was canceled. And, for a high-tech church like mine, that means a series of text messages and Facebook posts about 8 p.m. last night.

(It's a good thing we didn't try to have church outside, because it was storming AGAIN this morning.)

What did we do while said storm was wreaking havoc on the Mid-South?

We were driving. Or, more specifically, I was driving. To downtown Memphis, where there was a tornado watch.

And it was all for Jason - so we could see Jaws at The Orpheum, on the big screen, as part of their Summer Movie Series.

No, we didn't take Little AM - my mom came and spent the night so we could have a date!

I hadn't seen the movie all the way through, and there was one scene - underwater, Richard Dreyfuss in a wet suit, next to an abandoned boat, I won't say more for fear of spoiling it for the 3 folks who still haven't seen it - that I just about ended up in Jason's lap.

Hyperventilating. He, of course, thought it was hilarious. I, of course, did not.

So, here we are, actually spending a Sunday at home, and Anna Marie and I have yet to get dressed. I spent about an hour on her room this morning (how do I always end up with at least one bag full of trash, no matter how often I go in there?) and she and Jason have been carrying on for the past two hours or so.

(Oh, the sounds of "teamwork." I can hear them even as I type. Better him than me.)

We will be having our small group meeting tonight, which is good, because Peasnap Catering is providing the hamburgers for our cookout. Jason and I make about four dozen "Snappy Burgers" (my name for his proprietary blend of secret herbs and spices, available on Tuesdays at the kiosk in the auction bay) and they're now in my freezer.

Mmm, mmm, good.

I'm trying really, really hard to get Anna Marie's room into shape, because it's really, really stressful for me to go in there when it isn't - and she's about to leave for two weeks, to Oklahoma and South Carolina, and I'm not going to spend my precious break time cleaning in there!

Maybe, just maybe, we'll get some "after" photos in a bit - because I sure as heck didn't take any before.

I don't want to be reminded of that mess!

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doodlebugmom said...

jammie days are so nice :)