Monday, January 29, 2007

For those of you who were wondering

"What, exactly, was Miss AM wearing to My Little Pony Live?"

Well, you know me, I took a picture. Specifically for this blog.

Seems that has replaced my "taking pictures with a scrapbook layout in mind." Sad.

She's chastising me, because she didn't really want her picture taking. She's actually saying, "Hey, you tricked me!"

Her outfit came from Target, not some frou-frou boutique. The main reason she was wearing it was it was a Christmas present from a relative, and I consider it too nice to wear most days where she's just going to be playing, so I thought it would be a good choice.

Most days, she wears clothes that came from either WalMart or my favorite consignment shop here in town.

And yes, she's wearing what I consider a larger-than-she-normally-wears hairbow. It happened to match her clothes, and seriously, when I saw the other girls, I regretted putting it in her hair.

I didn't want any of the other moms to think I was in the same competition they were.

I guess someone must've given me the bow, too, because I found it in my hall closet when we cleaned it out last week. And Amanda has forbidden me from buying big fabric hairbows, so I know I didn't buy it.

So, there you have it. Our My Little Pony fashion show. Notice the lip-gloss ring on her thumb (another closet cleaning out find). Notice also under the ring, the "Cars" bandaid.

They were picked up last weekend at Walgreens, and I justified their expense (versus the $ Tree bandaids I normally buy) by telling her that because they had cars on them, they'd be her special bandaids to leave in the van. That way, they won't get "wasted" like most of her other bandaids do on imaginary wounds.

Because I spare no expense in taking care of my daughter's boo-boos!


Valerie said...

dang. that is one cute My Little Pony theater patron!!!

Amanda said...

Yeah, but look at that booooooooooooooow!

Melissa said...

Hey Amanda - did you not get the part where I said I regretted the bow? Huh?

And seriously, that was tame compared with the other kids.

At least Valerie appreciates cuteness when she sees it, without being hung up on hair accessories!

Kelly said...

Shes adorable Melissa!

I also buy the fun bandaids for the kids.

Dont get the 'Kids Health' ones though. They come in a plastic white box. The box I thought was a great idea. The bandaids however, dont stick worth a damn.

Jolene George said...

I think she looks adorable...with the bow!
I find myself taking more pictures for the blog that scrapbook pages too. I better work on that. :o)