Wednesday, January 17, 2007

My suspicions have been confirmed.

I am a big ole' baby.

And no, I didn't use this as an excuse to post this, one of my most favorite pictures of Anna Marie when she was six months old.

It's one of only two times in her life she's had her picture taken in a studio. But I digress.

My blogging friends who live in sunnier climes tell me it's not quite so sunny now.

And the others, who live where it is cold, tell me that my weather could be worse. It's only in the mid-thirties here, not below zero.

Add to that the guilt I feel even complaining, when we haven't got any ice and we haven't had winter to speak of until now, and well, you come to the same conclusion I have.


So, I will try to endure this cold snap. We only have a few more weeks until it's warm again, and I'll use coping mechanisms like using the restroom at the courthouse when I'm out instead of here at work, where we don't have heat in the back of our building where our bathrooms are.

(Actually, we do have heat, but the vents back there are turned off to save money. Ugg!)

I made chili last night (which I ate again today for lunch) and I have turkey in the crock pot. I'll try to perservere with warm meals and hot tea and avoiding the back of our building.

And I'll try to stop being such a baby!


Valerie said...

girlie, you can be a big a baby as you want!!

and i so love the picture of Miss AM!! what a cutie patootie!

yesterday it was actually warm (well, warmer than it's been!) - highs in the low 70s! then today came, and brought rain and back in the 50s for a high. so i'm back to freezing and looking at wintering someplace like, oh, the Gobi desert.

Melissa said...

Actually, I've been camping in the desert (New Mexico) and it gets too cold at night!

I have this picture in a collage frame above my desk, and I've been looking at it lately and thinking how much she looks like Jason in it.

Amanda was living with us at the time, so I'm not sure why we went to a studio. We also had a studio do her one-year-old shots, but Amanda had moved back home then.

Amanda said...

Can we have another baby?


Susie Q said...

Hey...go ahead and whine! We would understand! Cold is cold!!!
Winter has finally zapped us after a very warm (for us) December and early January.
I love your blog....and Anna Marie (2 of my favorite names by the way!) is just SO cute. That baby picture of her is precious! What a cutie.
Stay warm, pile on the sweaters and blankets. The dog and cats in bed with me help too! : )
Warm wishes,

Melissa said...

Hey Suzie - I don't have any warm-blooded pets (just Anna Marie's always-multiplying fish and her turtle) but Jason puts off LOADS of heat. When we were getting his wedding band, the salesgirl and the jewelry store made a comment about the heat radiating from his hand.

As for her name - we already wanted to use "Marie" for a middle name, because it's my sister's middle name, and I wanted something I could call her both names. Jason was up watching TV one night about six weeks before she was born, and there was a scientist on a Discovery Channel show named Anna Marie. He came and woke me up to tell me, and I loved it!

Mary said...

I have a "heater" living with me, too! He makes our cold spell much easier to live through!

Melissa said...

Seriously, Mary-

I slept on the couch last night because he has this leg-twitchy thing going on sometimes (and he'd been up since 2:00 a.m. the last two days, so I let him stay in bed) and I had to turn the heat up to make up the difference.