Monday, January 08, 2007

A hula hula Happy Birthday

You have to say that with your upper lip slightly curled and your pelvis wiggling.

I'm a native Memphian - whose parents attended the same high school as Elvis, albeit in different years. I just can't let today pass without saying "Happy Birthday" to the King of Rock n' Roll!

In years past, I'd celebrate with a jelly doughnut. Unfortunately, I've learned the error of my Krispy Kreme ways.

Oh, if only Elvis Himselvis had discovered Weight Watchers, or at least tried meditation instead of drugs to get him through his stressful days!

He might have been around to see this, his 72nd birthday, instead of expiring in the powder room.

I've only been inside Graceland once. We took our wedding attendants from out of town, along with Amanda and my brother Jeremy, the day before we got married.

It was great! So much shag carpeting, so little time. It's almost like a time capsule of the late 70's, mostly unchanged since the day Elvis left the building.

Such a sad, sad end for such a talented, talented man. One of those live-hard-and-burn-out-early situations.

Happy Birthday, hound dog.


Valerie said...

thank you.
now get me a fried peanut butter & nanner sammich.

Melissa said...

Ooh, I love me some peanut butter and banana sandwich! Although, I've never fried one. Amanda even bought the fixins and had one in England!

Donna Boucher said...

I'm all shook up!

Jolene George said...

I made a mini Elvis album for my friend who is an Elvis lover.